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Paul Krugman Packs A Lot Of Moonbattery Into One ‘Climate Change’ Screed

Paul Krugman should stick with writing about…..well, I’m not sure, because he seems to be wrong on most things. Maybe a blog on cute animals? LOL… @PaulKrugman says coal will be replaced 'in a few years' by wind mills as tall as 850 feet (like an 85-story building). Current windmill towers only reach about 200 […]

If All You See…

…is a horrendous scary assault rifle used by people who deny Mankind is causing the earth to boil, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lid, with a post wondering when Andrew McCabe is going to jail.

Gun Grabbers Tell Us Not To Freak Out About Requirements To Lock Up Guns

See, now, this is exactly the kind of thing which makes 2nd Amendment supporters refuse to even consider passing any laws on firearms, which could even help restrict criminals from getting firearms, because we know that what gun grabbers really want is to kill off private ownership of firearms for law abiding citizens using the […]

Florida Kids Sue Governor Rick Scott Over ‘Climate Change’

Of course, this is all backed by the deep pockets of the Cult of Climastrology Florida Kids Sue Gov. Scott Over Climate Change: You Have ‘Moral Obligation’ to Protect Us Eight young Floridians, ages 10 to 19, sued their state and its climate-policy-averse governor on Monday for failing to protect residents from the impacts of […]

Citizenship Question Will Spook Census-takers Or Something

There has been very little on the Trump administration reinstating the citizenship question on the Census, something that was asked for around 100 years. So, the Washington Post and writer Maria Sacchetti decided to bring the scary stuff back Amid crackdown, advocates for immigrants say citizenship question will spook census-takers When the 2020 Census lands […]

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