Citizenship Question Will Spook Census-takers Or Something

There has been very little on the Trump administration reinstating the citizenship question on the Census, something that was asked for around 100 years. So, the Washington Post and writer Maria Sacchetti decided to bring the scary stuff back

Amid crackdown, advocates for immigrants say citizenship question will spook census-takers

When the 2020 Census lands in Langley Park and asks residents whether they are U.S. citizens, the response is likely to be no — if residents respond at all.

“I wouldn’t answer it,” said a 42-year-old undocumented construction worker from Guatemala.

“Nobody is going to do this. Nobody,” said a jewelry saleswoman from El Salvador.

In this Maryland enclave less than 10 miles from the White House, 58 percent of residents are not U.S. citizens, the highest percentage of any city, town or unincorporated community in the United States. The number of noncitizen adults is even higher: Nearly 80 percent of the men and two-thirds of the women in Langley Park cannot vote for president, qualify for federal financial aid or apply for a U.S. government job.

Many are undocumented and afraid of federal immigration agents, community leaders say. Now, they are also afraid of the census.

What’s so scary? As far as we know, the question is simply going to ask citizenship status. It isn’t going to ask resident status. There are lots of people living in the U.S. who are not citizens. You have those here on visas, such as work and school ones. There are those who are legal permanent residents. You have refugees who were brought in who are not citizens. You have people going through the citizenship process the correct way, earning citizenship. And, then you have the illegal aliens. But, the question won’t be asking the difference.

But, this is all about the illegal aliens, and pandering to people who have broken our laws.

The decision to include the question has generated alarm in ethnic media and in states where many noncitizens live. Even though it is illegal for the Census Bureau to share information with other federal agencies, immigrants’ advocates say some fear the question — coming as President Trump has vowed to aggressively enforce immigration laws — will be used to find and deport them. If those immigrants therefore refuse to fill out the census survey, it could trigger an undercount that would deprive jurisdictions — including those that voted for Trump — of a share of political power and federal funds for roads, bridges and schools.

If the question being asked makes no determination of legal status, do you know how much work it would be to match up all the names to the rolls of those who are here legally, then start looking for all the illegals? And not have the unhinged liberal media get a sniff of what’s going on? The ACLU and so many others would be filing suit in a heartbeat. I know Lefties think Trump is an idiot, just like they do with every Republican, but, it’s not going to happen.

If the media weren’t in Trump Derangement Syndrome, they’d be publishing stories that the question is no big deal, that nothing bad can come of it, and that illegals shouldn’t worry about answering it. Instead, they’re once again playing right into Trump’s hands, and their scaremongering stories could actually be causing an undercount of people in the U.S. (the language of the census in the Constitution is meant to count all people present, not just people lawfully present).

But under Trump, many say they now live in fear of federal immigration agents — “la migra” — and have no interest in reminding Uncle Sam through the census that they are not citizens.

“You feel like animals in the woods. You don’t know when they’re going to hunt for you,” said the 42-year-old construction worker from Guatemala, who gave his name only as William. He and others refused to give their full names, because they are undocumented or have temporary legal status that will expire in 2019.

First, they should be living in fear. If a reporter can find them, so can the government (this is provided they even exist, rather than being made up people from the minds of leftist reporters). They know they are breaking the law. Criminals should be scared. Second, why are reporters failing to report criminals to law enforcement? That is illegal.

Third, all of us who are against illegal immigration should be thankful for the liberal media, which is continuously scaring illegal aliens, causing them lots of heartache, sleepless nights, as well as seeing many self deport and not come in the first place.

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3 Responses to “Citizenship Question Will Spook Census-takers Or Something”

  1. “But, the question won’t be asking the difference…”

    It should. If you are going to collect detailed demographic information to guild policy and resource distribution, you should collect all of the information that bares on those issues. This is BASIC management.

    Or better yet, just accept that the old Census process is archaic and ask Google or USPS how many people there are, updated every 4 months. with maps, charts, addresses and breakdowns by every point of useful information imaginable.

    As long as the census depends on self-reporting instead of verifiable processes, it is based on a mathematically flawed methodology to begin with. As long as it does not distinguish between citizens and visitors for purposes of apportionment, it is a fraudulent process that benefits one political party in particular.

    • Stosh says:

      As long as it does not distinguish between citizens and visitors for purposes of apportionment, it is a fraudulent process

      Therein lies the problem, actual census data would form a basis for a successful Supreme Court case for violation of “one man, one vote”

      • One man one vote is not a law or policy in the USA, so it can’t be “violated”. It is a bumper sticker. Just like “Bring us your Retched Refuse” was never immigration policy. It was an entry in a poetry contest.

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