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Kids Who Want Lots Of Government For Other People Upset About Government For Themselves

Funny how Leftists are super thrilled by Big Government control on Other People, yet, whine like a 3 year old missing their blankie when it hits themselves (via Twitchy) Tomorrow we will have to go through security check points and be given clear backpacks, my school is starting to feel like a prison. — Sarah […]

If All You See…

…is a ground turning to desert from carbon pollution atmosphere cancer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Tradition, with a post on Democrats waiving background checks for their Pakistani IT guys.

It’s Snowing In The Northeast, So, You Know What That Means, Right?

You could see this one coming, right? N.J. weather: Quick-hit April snowstorm to drop up to 6 inches today A rapidly moving April snowstorm will make for a miserable Monday morning commute across the northern half of the state, dropping as much as 6 inches of snow before exiting early this afternoon. Expect about 3 […]

NY Times Is Super Thrilled To Advocate For Secret Climate Scam Science

Ever since Scott Pruitt announce that the science would no longer be secret, at least not on the taxpayer dime, all the Warmists have been coming up with various different Excuses as to why making the science transparent is a bad idea (Daily Caller) The New York Times editorial board came out against Environmental Protection […]

Trump Declares DACA Deal Dead, Calls For Tough Immigration

This being Trump, one has to wonder if he really means it, or if he’s attempting to drive Democrats to the bargaining table (Fox News) President Trump declared on Sunday the deal for the Obama-era DACA program was “NO MORE” and called for “tough” immigration reform after a report stated a caravan carrying more than […]

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