Kids Who Want Lots Of Government For Other People Upset About Government For Themselves

Funny how Leftists are super thrilled by Big Government control on Other People, yet, whine like a 3 year old missing their blankie when it hits themselves (via Twitchy)

A prison, people! ZOMG! A clear backpack! Lots of great responses over at Twitchy, including this gem

And CNN even jumped in on the Victimhood bandwagon

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School return to class Monday, their first day back since organizing one of the largest youth-led protests in US history.

But these teenagers won’t be returning to a normal high school experience. Instead, they’ll be met with strict security measures which are intended to protect them from another mass shooting but have some students feeling as if they’ll be learning in a prison. (snip)

MSD students will only be allowed to carry clear backpacks on campus and will be required to wear new student IDs at all times.

“It feels like being punished,” Robinson told CNN. “It feels like jail, being checked every time we go to school.”

Oh, noes, being punished for the actions of one nutjob, who could have been stopped if the sheriff, school, and FBI had done their job? How rude! And here’s Excitable David Hogg’s little sister, who was given a blue checkmark

Just. Like. Prison.

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5 Responses to “Kids Who Want Lots Of Government For Other People Upset About Government For Themselves”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Paraphrasing Jordan Peterson on adolescent narcissism:

    “I tell 18 year olds… six years ago you were 12, you don’t know anything and you haven’t accomplished anything other than living off your parents…”

  2. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    Someday when my kids ask me about my high school experience what am I going to tell them?

    Tell them that they should be careful what they wish for because they might actually get it.

    YOU want a safer school but more gun control and oppose armed guards on campus. This is what you get under those parameters. Everyone treated as a potential criminal at the cost of losing some freedoms. A fair trade off right?

  3. Dana says:

    In addition to displaying the orange tag, senior Carmen Lo stuffed a sign into her backpack that read “this backpack is probably worth more than my life.”

    She also wonders how students will carry sports equipment, instruments and laptops.

    “Many students are actually unhappy with the clear backpacks, as they believe that it infringes on their privacy, so they wrote messages on pieces of paper and put it into the clear backpacks,” she said.

    “We come to school to learn, so I don’t think that we should need to subject ourselves to these measures. We shouldn’t need to worry about our safety and our security while we are at school.”

    Oh, the poor dears! They are perfectly willing to trample on the constitutional rights of other people, but they ‘don’t think that (they) should need to subject (themselves) to (those) measures.’

    So, some of the students are stuffing blank paper or other things into the clear backpacks, deliberately obscuring the contents, in protest of the security measures. I wonder: if they believe that their rights are being violated by the clear backpacks policy, and that it is reasonable for them to try to evade the policy, would they also agree that people who believe that their gun control agenda violates their rights to keep and bear arms should be able to take measures to evade such restrictions?

    • o0Nighthawk0o says:

      And by purposely obscuring the contents of the backpacks, they are effectively demonstrating how people who don’t care about, or don’t agree with, the rules/laws will find ways around them or break them.

  4. Hoss says:

    Jesus, could this kids bitch and moan any more about absolutely anything. You want to trade freedom for security, so look what you get. Quit fuc**ng whining!

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