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Warmists Seem Pretty Upset That Companies Being Sued Would Dare Fight Back

Inside Climate News’ David Hasemeyer seems pretty upset that The Law allows entities to actually defend themselves and fight back In Cities v. Fossil Fuels, Exxon’s Allies Want the Accusers Investigated The elbowing for advantage between ExxonMobil and the California cities and counties suing the oil giant for billions of dollars in climate change damages […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, resource sucking dog causing a horrible 1.5F increase in temps, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Evil Blogger Lady, with a post on cultural appropriation, prom edition.

Trace Gas To Cause Colder Winters And Hotter Summers In Ireland

In other words, they’re attempting to explain away why winters, which they had proclaimed would get warmer, aren’t Ireland could face ‘far colder winters and much warmer summers’ Ireland and Britain could experience a sudden switch to “extreme seasonality” – in the form of far colder winters and much warmer summers – as a result […]

Guy Who Calls Himself A Gun Nut Offers Gun Nuts Guide To Gun Control

An interesting, and long, long take on the issue by Jon Stokes A Gun Nut’s Guide to Gun Control That Works I am a gun industry insider, a lifelong gun owner and a vocal advocate for Second Amendment rights. I am a Texan and an American patriot who hauls my family to church every Sunday […]

Washington Post: The Trump Admin Is Traumatizing Illegal Alien Kids Or Something

The Washington Post Editorial Board is in High Moonbat Dudgeon, with the requisite failure to make a delineation between illegal aliens and lawful migrants The Trump administration is traumatizing children to scare migrants away INFANTS, TODDLERS, tweens, teens — Trump administration officials are less interested in the age of an unauthorized child migrant than they […]

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