Warmists Seem Pretty Upset That Companies Being Sued Would Dare Fight Back

Inside Climate News’ David Hasemeyer seems pretty upset that The Law allows entities to actually defend themselves and fight back

In Cities v. Fossil Fuels, Exxon’s Allies Want the Accusers Investigated

The elbowing for advantage between ExxonMobil and the California cities and counties suing the oil giant for billions of dollars in climate change damages has spread to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Exxon alleged in a Texas court earlier this year that in selling municipal bonds, the local governments may have withheld critical information from buyers about their vulnerability to sea level rise. That would cast a poor light on the cities’ claims that Exxon knew about climate risks but ignored them in its own financial disclosures.

Now two industry-friendly groups are turning the tables and asking the SEC to investigate the cities and counties for possible fraud. The Competitive Enterprise Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers complained to the SEC’s Public Finance Abuse Unit of a breach of federal disclosure laws.

The two conservative trade groups have been attacking the credibility of the cities and counties for months though blistering blog posts and social media assaults. CEI blogger and senior fellow Marlo Lewis, Jr. wrote in a post titled “ExxonMobil Strikes Back” about the bond argument: “The  California officials are either falsely alarming the public or scamming their bondholders. As my colleague, attorney Christopher Horner might say if he were conducting the deposition, ‘Which time were you lying?'”

OK, so, I’m going to accuse Inside Climate News of (insert horrible thing here) and sue. According to the screed, they can’t fight back. That works, right?

What the Warmist jurisdictions want to do is hide their activities while trying to shakedown the fossil fuels companies. I still say that Exxon and the others should simply refuse to sell their products to the governments suing them.

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2 Responses to “Warmists Seem Pretty Upset That Companies Being Sued Would Dare Fight Back”

  1. Dana says:

    Whenever you read someone on the left screaming about ‘corporate personhood,’ what they are actually combitching about is corporations having the right to due process of law. Due process is only granted to legal persons, and if corporate personhood could be abolished, any individual suing a corporation would automatically win.

  2. formwiz says:

    Uncle Saul’s Rules are predicated on the principle that the other side was raised to be good ladies and gentlemen.

    They forget this country was founded by and won any number of war with a population of good ladies and gentlemen.

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