Florida Kids Sue Governor Rick Scott Over ‘Climate Change’

Of course, this is all backed by the deep pockets of the Cult of Climastrology

Florida Kids Sue Gov. Scott Over Climate Change: You Have ‘Moral Obligation’ to Protect Us

Eight young Floridians, ages 10 to 19, sued their state and its climate-policy-averse governor on Monday for failing to protect residents from the impacts of a warming climate.

They say they already see signs of climate change around them—from powerful hurricanes to extreme heat waves to tidal flooding that now regularly washes into coastal roads and parks as sea level rises—and they want the state to do something about it.

The lawsuit filed Monday is the latest in a wave of legal cases filed by children against states and the federal government that accuse government of depriving them of the fundamental right to a stable climate.

The Florida plaintiffs accuse the state of violating their constitutional rights by “perpetuating an energy system that is based on fossil fuels.”

I didn’t see them complaining when there was a long period of hurricanes not striking Florida. Heat waves? It’s Florida. When my family went to Florida (Bay Biscaine) for Christmas every other year where the grandparents lived, we never took jackets, which seems necessary as of late. Tidal flooding? It’s a low lying state. They’ve always had this problem.

A stable climate? When has the climate ever been stable? There is no fundamental right to it, nor is there any violation of constitutional rights for using fossil fuels. Of which a lot will be used to shuttle the kids around to their court dates, speaking engagements, appearances on Left wing TV shows, along with all the fossil fuels used by the lawyers and advocates and members of Cult of Climastrology group backing them, Our Children’s Trust.

“The plaintiffs are asking the state of Florida to adhere to its legal and moral obligation to protect current and future generations from the intensifying impacts of climate change,” the group said in a statement.

Their lawsuit asks that state officials “prepare and implement an enforceable comprehensive” plan to phase out fossil fuel use and “draw down excess atmospheric CO2 through forest and soil protection so as to stabilize the climate system.”

When all those involved in the lawsuit, including the kids, give up all their own use of fossil fuels, I might believe that this is anything more than a shakedown, one which would force lots and lots of government on citizens. Oh, and on these little human shields, who do not realize that they are asking government to rule over them.

BTW, I wonder if some of the older kids have their own fossil fueled vehicles.

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