We’re Saved: Warmists Invents Trump Ice Cubes To Fight ‘Climate Change’

I wonder what the carbon footprint will be on these plastic ice trays

From the link

A pair of Kiwi creatives have come up with a cool solution to Donald Trump​’s decision to ignore climate change: turn him to ice.

Scott Kelly and Ben Polkinghorne, based in London, have developed ice trays that turn out ice cubes in the shape of Trump’s head, with all profits donated to the Environmental Justice Foundation.

Polkinghorne said they hoped to raise at least £20,000 (NZ $38,000) by selling 5000 of the Trump Trays, which could be pre-ordered through Crowdfunder.

The idea came following Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris agreement. “That was a big one for us. We thought, well, we can’t sway the mind of that man, but we can make a point,” Polkinghorne said.

So, wait, a pair of New Zealanders living in London? Did they take a sailing ship there? A lot of walking?

Anyhow, there’s even a handy dandy GIF of these ice cubes melting.

With backgrounds in advertising…

So, wait, they work in an industry that works to get people to buy Stuff, stuff that is consumerism and is Evil for ‘climate change’? Huh.

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One Response to “We’re Saved: Warmists Invents Trump Ice Cubes To Fight ‘Climate Change’”

  1. JGlanton says:

    “Environmental Justice Foundation”

    I’m not sure that anything could sound more Marxist than that

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