We Need Open Borders To Stop ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Funny how the Cult of Climastrology’s dogma/talking points jibes so well with Progressive talking points, wouldn’t you say? Also funny how a news outlet, Al Jazeera, funded by fossil fuels (and with links to radical Islam) is pushing this

To stop climate change, we need to open borders

Europe is facing its biggest refugee crisis since World War II. What is new this time around is that many of the displaced are being driven from their homes by the destructive effects of climate change. And this is just the beginning.

As sea levels rise, swallowing island nations and swamping large parts of Bangladesh, and as droughts trigger  food shortages across much of the global South, the refugee crisis will only worsen. And we can expect that Europe’s right-wing parties will respond by doubling down on their already-potent anti-immigrant rhetoric with a push to seal off the borders. 

Pundits on the left denounce this as a craven, mean-spirited stance towards those who are suffering the most from our collective climate crisis. And they’re right: opening the borders to climate refugees is a matter of basic justice. We need to devise policies to ensure that all have the right to access safe and habitable parts of the planet we share.

But there is something more to be said here. An open border policy may also be the key to stopping climate change itself. 

Yes, and open borders allows a flood of hardcore jihadists from 3rd world shitholes into developed nations. Surprise!

The solution is simple, at least conceptually: open the borders. By tearing down the walls that separate the causes and consequences of climate change we can force a more honest reckoning with reality. Once the victims of climate change have the right to seek refuge in Europe and North America, it will obliterate the moral hazard of global warming. As rich nations finally start to feel the heat, so to speak, you can bet they’ll act fast, doing everything in their power to ensure that people’s home regions remain livable. Even if it means pushing for a new, more ecological, economic model.

Yup, nothing like letting the developed world be over-run by people who’s beliefs are stuck in the 10th Century to stop ‘climate change”, eh? This is what Leftists would call “intersectionalist”, as they are attempting to use Hotcoldwetdry as a means to get their hardcore buddies en masse into 1st World nations.

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