To The Surprise Of No One, Warmists Make Valentine’s Day About ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

No matter what the holiday or event, the Cult of Climastrology will find a way to interject itself. Here’s loopy Pam Wright at the Weather Channel

Valentine’s Day Bummer: Climate Change Expected to Significantly Impact Chocolate, Champagne Production

There’s some bad news on the horizon for Valentine’s Day: Scientists say global warming and changing weather patterns are expected to significantly impact two staples of the holiday, chocolate and champagne.

For those who may be unaware, champagne comes from the Champagne region in northeastern France. Only sparkling wines that hail from this region are permitted to be called champagne. It’s the same for wines like Bordeaux that come from, well, Bordeaux, or Beaujolais, which comes from … well, you can probably guess.

And here’s one that merges Hotcoldwetdry with VDay and a real environmental concern

‘Endangered Species Condoms’ to be distributed for Valentine’s Day

Some 40,000 free “Endangered Species Condoms” will be given away across the country by the Center for Biological Diversity on Valentine’s Day to encourage people to consider population growth’s threat to wildlife before getting wild.

The colorful condom packages include species threatened by population growth and slogans like “Wrap with care, save the polar bear” and “When you’re feeling tender, think about the hellbender.”

“The habitat loss, resource depletion and climate change that come with rapid human population growth make it next to impossible for biodiversity to thrive. It’s important to bring population growth back into the environmental conversation,” Baillie said in a press statement. “’Endangered Species Condoms’ make starting that conversation easier, and they’re a more interesting gift than old standbys like flowers and chocolate.”

Some of that stuff is real. AGW isn’t.

How to Be a Vegan Teen Valentine

Has it ever happened to you that you are stumped for ideas to talk about? Me too! A good conversation is key during a date night or when hanging out with friends, which is why I like to talk about exchanging cool vegan things we found on the internet or saw on YouTube, how our parents are dealing with us being veganism, the environmental benefits of being vegan, and sharing cool recipe ideas we can make together in the kitchen. Talking about taboo vegan topics—such as the impact the dairy and meat industries have on climate change and the ethics of not eating meat for the animals—is important, too, because it helps defend yourself when a non-vegan begins questioning you about veganism and nutrition.


Here’s a few more that bringing in Hotcoldwetdry

These people.

Plenty more wackadoodle’s out there. Have to stop someplace.

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9 Responses to “To The Surprise Of No One, Warmists Make Valentine’s Day About ‘Climate Change’ (scam)”

  1. McGehee says:

    Now that the warming “pause” is expected to last through 2050, I have to suppress a laugh any time some Weather Channel airhead starts moaning about atmosphere cancer.

    How long d’you suppose before it comes back around to “it was global cooling we’ve been warning against all along and anyone who claims different is a climate denier in the pockets of Big Oil”?

  2. Jeffery says:

    TEACH typed:

    Some of that stuff is real. AGW isn’t.

    Do you lend any credence to the scientific consensus that atmospheric CO2 is causing the Earth to warm? Please no tangents to “consensus”.

    Do you ever challenge your own feelings about AGW? Do you give it a 5% chance of being true? 50%? 0%?

    • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

      It must be hard being fearful, angry, and feeling powerless all the time. You have my sympathy.

      • Jeffery says:

        We were seriously asking Teach a question. Does he question his deep seeded feelings that AGW is a scam?

        At one time he felt warming itself was fraudulent, now he understands (based on the evidence from climate scientists) that the Earth is warming. Now it seems he has drawn the line at CO2 causing a significant amount of the warming that he understands to be happening.

        Does he have any doubts? That’s all we’re asking.

        We understand your strategy, but it’s not working.

  3. Jeffery says:

    We wonder if tRump sent a Valentine to his erstwhile mistress, Stormy Daniels?

    Interestingly, now tRump’s crooked lawyer, Cohen, claims it was he who paid Daniels the hush money, not tRump. So Cohen paid $130,000 to a women whom they claimed was NOT tRumps’s mistress. Why would he pay? More importantly, why would he CLAIM he paid? (To protect the tRump campaign from campaign violations).

    What a cesspool of liars. Ms. Daniels said today that Cohen’s admission releases her from her obligation to keep quiet, and is ready to tell her story (which she had previously told to a magazine before she was paid to keep quiet).

    None of this sleazy dishonesty means anything to tRump supporters, but First Lady Melania must be absolutely mortified.

  4. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    Anyone surprised that this loon is also a vegan?

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