Losing A Coin Toss Mirrors Black Experience Beyond Olympics Or Something

Is there anything more equal than flipping a coin? Perhaps rock paper scissors. Or maybe doing eenie meenie miny moe for a big group. Regardless, some people are still having a hissy fit over Shani Davis losing a coin toss, as we get this wacky screed from Errin Haines Whack at the Chicago Tribune (which features a photo gallery of Chicago Olympians before the fable, and the first picture is of a White woman, Kendall Coyne)

Coin toss mirrors black experience beyond Olympics

Shani Davis made history in 2006 when he became the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal at a Winter Olympics and the winningest man in American speedskating. So when the speedskater tweeted his outrage after losing the opportunity to represent Team USA as its flagbearer in Friday night’s opening ceremony, his #blackhistorymonth hashtag served as a kind of racial shorthand. (Davis has set his Twitter account to private)

And it resonated with African-Americans far beyond sports.

For them, it was a familiar scenario: Despite being exceptional in a field dominated by whites, he was bypassed for a job he deserved. What’s more, when he pointed that out, he was shouted down as an ungrateful distraction.

From celebrities to corporate America, the slight was a reminder of what blacks regularly experience in a white world — a feeling that the game is rigged.

Why did Erin Hamlin not deserve the honor? Perhaps Ms. Wack could explain that. She’s been to the Olympics four times. She’s won medals. She won the coin toss after the nomination process left her and Davis tied. Seems rather racist, and sexist, to say that she doesn’t deserve the honor while Davis, a Black male, does. But, really, how is the game rigged? It was a coin toss. But, for certain people, they always have to play the race card.

Oh, but wait, the coin toss

The coin toss is almost beside the point. That the vote was tied between a bronze medalist and a two-time gold medalist points to an outcome that also included intangibles — among them, likeability and popularity. While a coin cannot be biased, people can — and often, the results of racial bias can sting with unfairness.

So, obviously, the four people who ended up voting for Hamlin were raaaaacist. Or, perhaps, the four who voted for Davis were sexist. We can play this Victimhood game all day. It’s stupid. But, racecarders will be racecarders. And, yes, the screed keeps going racecardy. Because that’s what race hustlers do.

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26 Responses to “Losing A Coin Toss Mirrors Black Experience Beyond Olympics Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    TWO posts on a non-event?

    We can all see what “StormFront” TEACH finds important. Negroes!

    TEACH typed, without an ounce of self reflection:

    And, yes, the screed keeps going racecardy.

  2. Jeffery says:

    “StormFront” TEACH likes to post on race because it’s a distraction.

    Did you know that tRump and the organization run by his kids, er, we mean his partners, have 19 pending business deals in other nations, most recently in the Dominican Republic. Billions!

  3. Bkhuna says:

    Maybe they should have tossed a food stamp or a stolen Glock.

  4. Jeffery says:

    Ms. Whack, the author, did not call anyone racist, let alone raaaacist (the new whiny white nationalist meme). She did make the case that Mr. Davis would have been a more reasonable choice. The first Black American to win a Winter gold, let alone two! And now at a Winter Olympics with 10 Black athletes.

    Also this:

    Davis skipped the opening ceremony because of his training schedule, according to a U.S. Speedskating spokesman

    She also made posed the question: What if Hamlin had been the first white multiple gold medal winner and had lost the opportunity to a less decorated Davis? You’d be whining about “affirmative action”.

    Get over it, “StormFront”.

    • gitarcarver says:

      She suggested that Davis would have been a better choice given his medal record.

      The problem is that Davis has never been a good teammate. He is the personification of “I in Team.”

      As for you and Whack making the assertion that if Hamlin had lost, no one would have said a word. The participants knew the rules going in.

      Furthermore, why is Davis the victim here? Isn’t Hamlin as a female a minority as well? Are we now ranking minorities?

      Davis made a scene on the way to the Olympics in a plane and blamed the person he was arguing with for smiling at him. You read hat right. Davis was in the wrong and he was mad that the person smiled at him. No apologies, no nothing.

      So what we have is a poor sport who wasn’t planning on attending the Opening Ceremonies (and he didn’t) whining that he lost a coin flip because it’s black history month. That should strike even you as being less than a teammate and less than gracious and petty at complaining that he lost the chance to be a flag carrier in an event he wasn’t planning on attending anyway.

      And by the way, if Hamlin had said anything if she had lost, Davis and people of your ilk would have yelled she’s a racist.

      So once again we see the hypocrisy of the left. It’s racist when you lose a coin toss and racist if you win a coin toss.

      Davis was fine with the rules until he lost.

      And you want a sore loser to represent the US walking into the stadium?

      Not me, and not many others and it nothing to do with race.

      It has everything to do with class.

      Once again, we see that all the left has is hate.

  5. Dana says:

    In this ‘event,’ we see Affirmative Action, writ small. The left are complaining that, in a tie, all ties must be settled in favor of the darker skinned candidate. A white woman won the toss? Welp, yeah, women have been discriminated against, too, like Hillary Clinton not getting the votes she needed to be President, and the Affirmative Action plans of the Obama Administration not putting a heavy enough thumb on the scales in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, but still, Erin Hamlin is white, don’t you know.

    Of course, Miss Hamlin is a migraine sufferer, so maybe she qualifies as disabled? Any Affirmative Action points for that? However, though never married at age 31, she’s apparently engaged to a male, so she’s (presumably) normal; no AA points for being homosexual.

    I suppose that, if I tried, I could add even more ridiculous points to this but the addition of ridiculous points simply reveals the truth: Affirmative Action is, at heart, a ridiculous program.

    The Supreme Court said, in Grutter v Bollinger, that the majority expected to the exception they carved out of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment — imagine that: the Court declared part of the Constitution suspended! — to allow Affirmative Action to continue would no longer be necessary in 25 years. The Court’s odious decision was issued on June 23, 2003; on June 23rd of this year, 15 of those 25 years will have elapsed, and we’ll have only ten more years of legalized suspension of the Constitution!

  6. Jeffery says:

    Affirmative Action! Whiny cry of white nationalist victims…

    And unrelated to TEACHs obsession with Negroes.

    • alanstorm says:

      So Jeffty is not just a climate asshole, he’s also a race asshole!
      I like this quote:

      “The coin toss is almost beside the point. That the vote was tied between a bronze medalist and a two-time gold medalist points to an outcome that also included intangibles — among them, likeability and popularity. While a coin cannot be biased, people can — and often, the results of racial bias can sting with unfairness.”

      I’m sure intangibles were involved – I can well imagine, from his response to the coin toss, that he’s an unlikeable jackass.

      Somewhat like Jeffty.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        The little guy is a mad violent black man who hates all things white.

      • Jeffery says:


        Your obsession with me is noted. Are your related to Stormy Daniels, the adult actress that tRump paid $130,000 to fvck? Do you feel fvcked by tRump too?

        Can you believe that the president of the United States paid an adult actress hush money to keep her quiet before the election?? Yep, tRump is a different kind for sure.


        • gitarcarver says:

          Are you obsessed with sex?

          And in case you missed it, Daniels denied the incident.

          So once again, why are you repeating a lie?

          • Jeffery says:

            It seems your president is obsessed with sex.

            Ms. Daniels bragged about it before she was paid, and the trysts were corroborated by another. Ms. Daniels denied the affair AFTER being paid, likely as a condition of the agreement.

            Try again.

          • gitarcarver says:

            So now Jeffery wants us to prove that Daniels denied the incident even though that is what she said.

            Now he hates Daniels and we suppose all women.

            That’s all the left has – hate.

        • bob says:

          can you believe bill clinton rapes women, uses women as sex toys, goes to a pedophiles island to have sex with underage girls and doesn’t pay them anything.

  7. Jl says:

    Affirmative Action! The whiny cry of racists who don’t believe blacks can make it on their own.

    • bob says:

      the fact that there is affirmative action (discrimination against whites) is proof that blacks can’t make it on their own.

      • Jeffery says:

        That African Americans have lower wealth, lower incomes, higher unemployment etc etc is proof of discrimination against them.

        This is why white nationalists push the “genetic dysfunction” meme. They don’t want to admit the inherent unfairness in their society, based on white privilege.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          During his address at the Martin Luther King Day event Edwards said all but one of the city’s 205 murder victims in 2017 were black and all the people caught and accused of those crimes were also black.

          At least one black man in St. Louis who gets it.

          “For 25 years, I sat as a circuit judge and I’ve tried cases, and my heart has been broken with respect to victims and defendants alike,” he said.


          • Jeffery says:

            We get it. You’re delighted to have an out-of-the-closet, explicit racist president like tRump. Not a namby-pamby, politically correct racist like Reagan. You’re sick of those weak Reagan racists (traditional Republicans). Finally, a president the KKK, neoNazis and white supremacists can be proud of, and a president who publicly gives them aid and comfort. We get it.

            You may have won. You now have the power of the American state to execute your will.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            I stand with Jimmie Edwards, yo.

  8. Jeffery says:

    black man who hates all things white

    Last week I was TEACH trolling my own blog for commenters…

    Oppressors always view it as discrimination when the oppressed push for and obtain equality. Always. Unearned privilege is a hard characteristic to give up. A white man in America has it easier than any other demographic group, and feels victimized by competition.

  9. bob says:

    “I didn’t get my way, it’s racist, waaaaaa.”

  10. Jl says:

    No, that African Americans have lower wealth, lower incomes, higher unemployment, etc., is proof of discrimination is sorta like saying bad weather is proof that CO2 causes bad weather. Actually, it’s the poor choices many on them make, for example illegitimacy and crime rates.

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