Paris Considering Whether To Sue Fossil Fuels Companies Over Hotcoldwetdry

This has made the climahypocrites at giddy (via Watts Up With That?)

Paris explores climate lawsuit against fossil fuel companies

The City of Paris decided today to explore possibilities to sue the fossil fuel industry for causing climate damages, following the example of New York and other US cities.

The city council also decided to lobby other major cities such as London to ban fossil fuels from their investments through the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, of which the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo is president. The council also announced that it will release an update on the progress that has been made since it pledged to divest from fossil fuels in 2015.

“It’s fantastic news that cities like New York and Paris are stepping up to protect their citizens and hold fossil fuel corporations accountable for the harm they cause. This is a major breakthrough for divestment campaigners around the world that have been pushing cities to take a stand against the polluters wrecking our climate,” comments France Campaigner Clémence Dubois. Fossil fuel companies like Total, Shell, BP, and Exxon are the driving forces behind more and more severe flooding and summer heat waves in Paris, as well as droughts, wildfires, unpredictable seasons and rising sea levels hitting people across the globe.”

This winter, Paris has been hit once more by severe flooding, which the mayor saidwas, alongside recent summer heat waves ‘clearly a question of the town adapting to climate change’. Studies found that the flooding that submerged Paris in May 2016 was made almost twice as likely by human-made climate change. (snip)

The moves by New York and Paris, paired with mayor Hidalgo’s pledge to increase efforts to persuade other major cities to divest, raises the pressure on the London where mayor Sadiq Khan has so far disappointed campaigners to take a strong stand against the fossil fuel industry and deliver on his election pledge to divest London City Hall.

Major cities such as Sydney and Cape Town as well as numerous European capitals including Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm have already pledged to ban fossil fuels from their investments.

For all this divestment talk, what’s missing is…..can you guess? Of course you can. I write it enough. You think it enough. They aren’t calling for each Warmist to give up their own use of fossil fuels. What the fossil fuels companies should do is refuse to sell fossil fuels to the city governments if they want to play this game. Let’s see how those cities are able to operate without fossil fuels.

And they should call out the leaders of those cities as being hypocrites, telling them to give up their own use of fossil fuels, along with most, if not all, of the leadership of and all its subsidiary groups.

Watts Up With That highlights this photo credited to Julian Knez

Well before CO2, er, atmosphere carbon, broke 350ppm.

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