‘Climate Change’ (scam) Is Causing Some Women To Not Have Children

It’s total doom, you know

Climate change is impacting some women’s decisions to have children

Climate change is creating yet another debate — this time largely among women who are wondering what it means for their reproductive future.

They are not saying they fear their ovaries are affected by climate change; instead, they are saying they are so worried about climate change, it has made them wonder if bringing a child into the world right now is a bad idea.

The state of worry has created groups such as Conceivable Future. The group is made up of men and women. Though largely made of women, everyone comes to discuss the next generation and climate change. Members of the organization aren’t optimistic for what is ahead, so they are unsure about bringing a child into an uncertain future.

If only all Warmists would decide to not have children. This would create a situation where no longer would nutty ‘climate change’ believing parents, who are also typically Progressive wanker nutjobs, have kids to brainwash into believe Cult of Climastrology fantasies.

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3 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ (scam) Is Causing Some Women To Not Have Children”

  1. Hoss says:

    Is this supposed to make me root for climate change? Because I will if it means that leftists will stop reproducing.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    I don’t think this is really an issue. Those same women are hard-wired to fear something or other. This is just what they have latched onto now. It helps them rationalize their own selfish nature because they see kids as a burden on their lifestyle. This way, they can say their choice is moral and for the kids’ benefit. Then their ovaries dry up at 40 and they change their minds and suddenly are so selfishly demanding a child that they will pay anything to have one (but they won’t adopt).

  3. JGlanton says:

    This is one explanation for why liberals keep coming up short in studies for quality/quanity of sex lives.

    When your men are flaccid soy boys and your vaginas are for voting, there is little hope for the leftist clan’s population future. Except for chain migration, of course.

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