Dallas School System Considers Changing Schools Named After Jefferson, Franklin, Houston

This is exactly the type of thing that we were warning about: that Lefty Snowflakes who are Offended by everything won’t stop with just Confederate statues and such: they’d move on to considering everything else that Offends them (but shouldn’t)

(Dallas Morning News) Dallas ISD is researching the histories of Ben Franklin, Sam Houston, Thomas Jefferson and 17 other historical figures, looking into whether their connections with slavery or the Confederacy should prompt reconsideration of their names on DISD campuses.

Last Thursday, DISD administration recommended changing the names of four schools honoring Confederate generals: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Albert Sidney Johnston and William L. Cabell elementary schools. During that discussion, it was mentioned that there is a much broader list of at least 21 names that bear further investigation, if trustees were compelled to do so.

“This was just a very quick review of looking at the biographies of the individuals,” DISD chief of school leadership Stephanie Elizalde told trustees on Sept. 14. “And if there was any association with Confederacy — not making a judgment for or against — just if we saw Confederacy named in it, we then highlighted it. We are now in the process of doing a second [look].”

The Dallas Morning News has obtained a copy of that list, which includes Texas revolutionaries and founders such as Sam Houston, James Bowie and William Travis, U.S. presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and Dallas pioneers James Gaston and William Brown Miller.

But, they’re just doing “more research.” The full list is available at the link, perhaps someone wants to do a bit of research on the other names, but, regardless, just to think that they put Sam Houston, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin on it for further consideration shows that the Left is nuts. And the school board is comprised primarily of Democrats.


Crews came to finish what they started last week, removing a Confederate statue that has stood for 81 years in Robert E. Lee Park (in Dallas).

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicated the statue of the General Lee in 1936 during a renaming ceremony of the park. It will cost some $450,000 to take it down.

Two points: first, since FDR dedicated the statue, he was obviously part of the white supremacy movement, so anything named after him and all monuments and statues must come down.

Second, $450,000? Really? To remove a statue? Really? And Democrats seem confounded when Conservatives say that government wastes public money.

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One Response to “Dallas School System Considers Changing Schools Named After Jefferson, Franklin, Houston”

  1. Dana says:

    Benjamin Franklin owned six slaves, and his newspaper, the Pennsylvania Gazette carried ads for both anti-slavery advocacy and the sale of slaves.

    Franklin owned slaves from as early as 1735 until 1781. The Franklin household had six slaves; Peter, his wife Jemima and their son Othello, George, John and King.

    After 1758 Franklin gradually changed his mind when his friend Samuel Johnson brought him to one of Dr. Bray’s schools for black children. Dr. Bray Associates was a philanthropic association affiliated to the Church of England. In 1759 he joined the association by donating money.
    Abolition Society

    In 1759 he met Anthony Benezet who started a school in Philadelphia and who later co-founded the Abolition Society. In 1763 Franklin wrote that African shortcomings and ignorance were not inherently natural but come from lack of education, slavery and negative environments. He also wrote that he saw no difference in learning between African and white children.

    In 1787 Franklin became the President of the Philadelphia Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage, often referred as the Abolition Society. The Society was formed by a group of abolitionist Quakers and Anthony Benezet in 1774. The Abolition Society was the first in America and served as inspiration for the formation of abolitionist societies in other colonies. The group focused not only in abolishing slavery but also in education, moral instruction and employment.

    In Address to the Public, a letter dated November 9th, 1789, Franklin wrote wholeheartedly against the institution of slavery. He argued that slaves have long been treated as brute animals beneath the standard of human species. Franklin asked for resources and donations to help freed slaves adjust to society by giving them education, moral instruction and suitable employment.

    I suppose that, to the purists, the fact that Dr Franklin once owned slaves means that his later conversion to abolitionism was meaningless.

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