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If All You See…

…is sea that has risen so much that you cannot even see land, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is NoTricksZone, with a post on almost 300 graphs undermining claims of unprecedented, global scale modern warmth. Ideas for the next IAYS theme starting tomorrow?

Science: Teacher Burns Skeptical Climate Change Book

This is what Progressive “science” looks like: an inability to look at the material and make an informed decision regarding things that challenge one’s beliefs. Instead, free thought is not allowed (Missourian) Columbia Public Schools science teachers are among hundreds of thousands across the country who have received a book from the Heartland Institute that […]

St. Louis Cardinals Stand By Decision To Have “Christian Day” With Lance Berkman

If the Cardinals, or, say, my LA Dodgers, decided they wanted to do an LGBT day, I wouldn’t approve, but, I, like most conservatives, would simply ignore the issue. We could just skip the game, which would probably be a faaaabulous game, and go a different day. Tolerance. But, the tolerance that Leftists practice never […]

On Trump Letting Mattis Set Troop Levels, Washington Post Savages Barack Obama

Yesterday we discussed the NY Times having a tizzy over President Trump giving Secretary of Defense James Mattis the power to set troop levels, something that shouldn’t be controversial in the least, as that is the way it used to be done. It’s why Presidents have people around them with the requisite knowledge and capabilities […]

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