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Surprise: Warmists “Correct” Satellite Data To Accord With Their Beliefs

For a long time now, there has a been a massive discrepancy between the satellite data and Warmist models and “ground data”. Well, obviously, that was a big issue for the Cult of Climastrology. So they did what they do best: modify the data Climate change sceptics suffer blow as satellite data correction shows 140% […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that has risen because evil people kill trees to read books, you might juts be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on the battle between Marie Bartiroma and John Podesta over his Russia links.

Bummer: Los Federales To Target Relatives Who Bring Kids Illegally

Fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ABC News)  The Trump administration plans to arrest parents and other relatives who authorities believe smuggled their children into the United States, a move immigrant advocates said would send a wave of fear through vulnerable communities. A new “surge initiative” aims to dismantle human smuggling operations, including identifying and arresting the adult sponsors of […]

Study Finds That Southeast And Midwest Will Suffer Most From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Where do you find the most pro-science skepticism when it comes to anthropogenic climate change? The Southeast and Midwest. Republican leaning states. So, shockingly, guess which areas are targeted in this new “study”? As Climate Changes, Southern States Will Suffer More Than Others As the United States confronts global warming in the decades ahead, not […]

House Passes Kate’s Law Along With Anti-Sanctuary City Bill On Mostly Party Line Votes

Unsurprisingly, most Democrats voted against both bills (CNN) House Republicans joined President Donald Trump on Thursday afternoon in declaring war on sanctuary cities — passing legislation targeting the cities’ funding while hammering a message of the dangers posed by undocumented immigrants. “Kate’s Law” is named for Kate Steinle, a young woman murdered on a busy […]

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