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Obama Decries Lack Of U.S. Leadership On Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

He did this after having taken a fossil fueled flight to Montreal (Hamilton Spectator) Former U.S. president Barack Obama has again decried what he calls the lack of American leadership on climate change. In a speech to the Montreal Board of Trade on Tuesday, Obama did not mention U.S. President Donald Trump by name but […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle turning the world to desert, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post on yet another soda tax.

Yet Another Warmist Laments That Pesky Democracy Thing In Fight Against ‘Climate Change’

I always get a kick out of people telling me that the anthropogenic climate change folks aren’t about increasingly big and more dominating government https://twitter.com/chaamjamal/status/872717527951880196 Watts Up With That? links to this article at The Conversation, which wonders Why is climate change such a hard sell in the US?. Professor of Philosophy Firmin DeBrabander, Maryland […]

TDS: Stress From Trump Presidency Will Cause “Evolutionary Consequences”

Who would have thought that Liberals could manage to ratchet up the derangement well beyond what we witnessed during the George W. Bush years Biology Professor: Trauma Of Trump Presidency Will Mutate Human Genome For All Eternity A taxpayer-funded professor at the University of Washington is now predicting that Donald Trump’s presidency will create trauma on […]

NY Daily News: Americans Have A Silly Fear About Sharia Law Or Something

The NY Daily News has allowed Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to write a cute little piece in support of Sharia law The silly American fear of sharia law “Most Americans would be shocked to hear Israel imposes sharia law. But it does for some 60 years.” These are the words of Israeli writer Yossi Gurvitz, […]

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