Women’s Day Marcher Super Excited To Jail Climate Skeptics

Not that this is anything new. We’ve seen this kind of thing time and time again, including from Democratic Party presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders, who wanted to “Bring climate deniers to justice.” This is just a continuous trend of Warmists who are intolerant of opposing viewpoints and, once they get done screeching about FASCISM!!!!!!! over Donald Trump, show they want to jail those for Wrongthing, which is rather fascistic, wouldn’t you say

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3 Responses to “Women’s Day Marcher Super Excited To Jail Climate Skeptics”

  1. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Come on Teach. Was that guy in the black helmet Jeffery? Be honest. Cause at the end he wanted to say “executed” but held back. So I figured he was a graduate of the Jeffery Skinsuit School of Tolerance and Compassionâ„¢.

  2. Jl says:

    Liberal fascism-where have I heard that before? Is that one of those pink pussy hats hat the pussy has on?

  3. Jeffery says:

    We know it couldn’t have been Hoggie, being as how it was on a college campus and he’s never been on one, although he did shoot some kids in a school once, but not in the US, and long ago.

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