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NY Times Is Totally Worried About Hillary’s Male Tormentors

Because, apparently, in Frank Bruni’s world, Hillary is just so darned strong that she needs protection from Men. Doesn’t say much for her ability to serve in the most powerful position in the world Hillary’s Male Tormentors Weiner or no Weiner, Hillary Clinton is likely to be our next president. But she can’t seem to […]

If All You See…

…is an evil meat sandwich causing desertification, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bizzy Blog, with a post on evidence that Team Hillary is sweating.

We’ve “Freedom Of Speeched Ourselves To Death Or Something’

Special Snowflake Rochelle Riley of the Detroit Free Press (think on that name as we get to the article) is having a hissy fit. Remember when liberals (she’s certainly a Hillary supporter, based on her articles) just told us to change the channel? (Heat Street)  The Walking Dead may be the most violent show currently […]

Warmists Are Very Concerned That Their Cult Could Be Dying Out

Of course, rather than blaming their unhinged, cult-like movement, which is short on actual science and long on looking into crystal balls, they blame…. (Daily Caller) Environmentalists believe the climate change movement is losing political muscle and getting clobbered during elections by “a well-funded denial machine.” “We have regressed to a bar so low that […]

Trump Takes Big Lead In NC As Enthusiasm For Hillary Fades

Just imagine Trump had run a better campaign. That, coming out of the Republican convention, his focus had been primarily on Hillary, Democrats, their policies, and his own policies. That he’d avoided attacking Republicans, and, instead, woo’d those who were fence sitters and #NeverTrump. That he’d avoided all those little spats with citizens. Minimized his […]

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