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Democrats Are Suddenly Realizing That This Whole Federalism Thing Might Be Good

Why? Obviously, because of Trump. Liberty Unyielding’s JE Dryer runs a story with the headline BloombergBusinessweek floats absurd fiscal threat against Trump from California. It’s base on California Democrats having a hissy fit and threatening political war against the Trump administration or something. It’s worth the full read, but, here’s a good part which caught […]

If All You See…

…is carbon pollution created hot snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on a Trump appointee and his thoughts on Islam.

Good News: Warmists Are Very Upset Over Pick Of Sessions For AG

It’s a given that Democrats will complain about every pick that a Republican makes, turning anthills into Mt. Everest, freaking out about everything. It’s what they do. Liberals are already at Level 10 Apoplexy, and add more with this complaint Why It Matters That Trump’s Attorney General Pick Is a Climate Change Skeptic … While […]

Could Trump Be The Best Thing Ever For ‘Climate Change’?

This could be one of the best “bargaining” type posts from a Warmist upset that Trump was elected president Trump: The best thing ever for climate change? (lots of whining about Trump) But there is another school of thought that says that a Trump presidency could actually aid the fight against climate change. The Paris […]

USA Today Allows Election 2016 Truthers To Demand An Election Audit

The outcome of the general election has brought all all the typical Liberal silliness. The immediate trending of @HesNotMyPresident even before most people were awake to know the results. Petitions to get the Electoral College to throw their votes to Hillary. Doxing members of the EC. Calls to abolish the EC. Demonstrations with typical liberal […]

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