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Good News: Global Warming Is Caused By The Expansion Of Hell

Wait, what? Ocean Warming Data Confirms: Hell is Expanding Creation Theory: Predictive, Testable Hypothesis 5 I have asked the question before, from a scriptural perspective, could Global Warming be caused by the expansion of Hell? There are several passages of scripture that refer to this phenomenon. However… It’s easy for scientists, atheists and pretty much […]

If All You See…

…is a cigarette, and you know that fossil fuels companies are EXACTLY like tobacco companies and should have their 1st Amendment rights stripped, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post on Trump draining the climate swamp.

Good News: Seas Are Rising Faster Than They Ever Have In Human History…In The Future

We can always could on Warmists to provide hysterical…as in “loony tunes”, not funny…commentary. The original title of this Mashable piece was “Global warming to cause fastest rate of sea level rise in human history.” Apparently, they thought that might have been too stupid even for the Cult of Climastrology, so they changed it to […]

This Election Has “Unthinkably High Stakes” For ‘Climate Change’

For a change, Vox kinda gets something right, in an unhinged hyperventilating manner The unthinkably high stakes for climate change that we’ve completely ignored this election The next president will make decisions that will echo for centuries. This election season has been unusual in a variety of ways. In one way, however, it’s been entirely […]

The Swing State Of NC Can Teach Us About Political Polarization Or Something

It’s always enjoyable when uber-liberals, like Kim Soffen, Ted Mellnik, Samuel Granados and John Muyskens at the Washington Post, tell us what’s happening in a Southern state What one swing state can teach us about political polarization in America North Carolina’s electorate, facing multiple contentious elections, is starkly divided by race, income and, increasingly, education. […]

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