Good News: Global Warming Is Caused By The Expansion Of Hell

Wait, what?

Ocean Warming Data Confirms: Hell is Expanding

Creation Theory: Predictive, Testable Hypothesis 5

I have asked the question before, from a scriptural perspective, could Global Warming be caused by the expansion of Hell? There are several passages of scripture that refer to this phenomenon.

However… It’s easy for scientists, atheists and pretty much everybody to ignore such suggestions, so let’s take a more empirical approach. If hell were expanding then wouldn’t this be manifested by the earth warming from the inside out? If this were the case, would it not be logical that the oceans would be warming from the bottom up?

It turns out that that this is indeed a possible interpretation of the current data available. It didn’t take much Googling to find several recent or current studies of deep ocean water that show measurable temperature rise:

And, yes, there are links provided that attempt to make the case.

And, yes, this is nuts. There article went to the extreme other end from what the Cult of Climastrology preaches.

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2 Responses to “Good News: Global Warming Is Caused By The Expansion Of Hell”

  1. Somehow, I doubt these people would have any more a sense of humor than the Warmists.