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Italy Could Reduce Climate Change If They Went Vegetarian

Considering the state of Italy’s economy, how they’re being inundated with refugees and Islamists, organized crime and corruption, a divide between the north and south, and heck, even their treatment of women, I’d think that this would be one of the last things Italians would be concerned about (Newsweek) The announcement last week that Turin—the industrial […]

Every Vote This Year Is For Or Against Climate Change, Ya Know!

Because ‘climate change’ is the top issue of the campaigns! This Year, Every Vote Is a Vote for or Against Climate Change YESTERDAY, THE 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia aired a five and a half minute video about climate change. Directed by James Cameron and narrated by Sigourney Weaver, it featured Don Cheadle, Jack […]

Woman With Virtually No Accomplishments Makes History Or Something

There’s quite a bit of sqeeeing going on the news media over the nomination of Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party presidential nominee. It’s History! The NY Times says so Clinton Makes History …. Mrs. Clinton’s nomination — bringing women, barred first by law and then by custom, to the pinnacle of American politics […]

Are Democrats Blocking Plainclothed Police Officers Inside Convention?

But, but, but, Democrats love police officers! I know because they tell us! Right before they slur them Rudy Giuliani: This is the most anti-police, anti-law enforcement convention I've ever seen in my whole life. — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) July 28, 2016 Huh (Breitbart)  Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” in an […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful carbon friendly bike in the middle of a horrible drying world prone to flooding, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Fire Andrea Mitchell, with a post on another nutty Democrat lighting themselves on fire while trying to burn the American flag.

Groups File Lawsuit Against Rhode Island AG For Climate Change Targeting

Democratic party attorney generals wanted to use the power of the government to engage in lawfare and intimidation against those who refuse to believe in anthropogenic climate change. They’ve been receiving a bit of their own medicine, and here comes some more (New Boston Post) Two national public interest groups are suing Rhode Island’s attorney […]

Surprise: Yet Another Warmist Calls For Climate Skepticism To Be A Crime

I wonder, should it be a crime to call for all sorts of anthropogenic climate change measures and laws to fail to practice what they preach? Should it be a crime for members of the Cult of Climastrology to call for measures on Other People? Should it be a crime for a Warmist to use […]

Obama Gives Speech At DNC, Forgets Who Has Been President Last 7+ Years

It was an amazing speech from a guy whose political party loathes America, and he himself has long attempted to fundamentally transform America. This ABC News headline is perhaps the most ironic President Obama Tells DNC ‘America is Already Great’ and ‘We Don’t Look to Be Ruled’ President Obama delivered a resounding defense of the […]

Democrats, Media Suddenly Very Concerned With Hillary’s Deleted Emails

Democrats and the media, but I repeat myself, have been telling us since the moment Hillary’s illegal server came to light that her emails were inconsequential. Much ado about nothing. A big fat nothingburger. And, heckaroonie, what’s the big deal that she deleted 30000+ emails about yoga and weddings and personal stuff, anyhow? Well, Trump […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful carbon neutral ship sailing the seas that have risen hundreds of feet, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Animal Magnetism, with a post on Animal’s hump day news.

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