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Thank Goodness, We Finally Have An Anthem For “Climate Deniers”

Instead of providing factual, scientific proof, using the Scientific Method, which would convince Skeptics that everything that is happening is caused mostly/solely by Mankind’s release of “carbon pollution”, this is what they focus on In 1985, a group of international superstars gathered together to record an iconic anthem that changed the way that the arts […]

If All You See…

…is a glacier melting from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Creeping Sharia, with a post on how many Muslims want a caliphate.

Doom: ‘Climate Change” Is Slowing The Earth, Making It Wobble

All because tens of thousands of people took fossil fueled trips from all over the world to Paris to yammer on about how bad fossil fuels are and force their far left redistribution plans down your throat you drove a fossil fueled vehicle Climate change means days are getting longer, scientists find Duration of day […]

Anti-gun Activist Get’s Concealed Carry Permit To Prove He’s Not A Responsible Gun Owner

Anti-gunnites are so cute when they’re proving the wrong point. Here we Zachary Stone, a senior at the University of Texas at Austin and a founder of UT Students Against Guns on Campus in the NY Times I’m a Responsible Gun Owner? Seriously? “WHAT are you doing? I had just shot a gun for the […]

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