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If All You See…

…is a scorching New Year’s Eve celebration because of too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day, the last day of the year, is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on 18 things that became raaaaacist in 2015.

Is Polar Vortex To Blame For Warm Weather?

I actually didn’t see this one comeing The Polar Vortex may be back, only this time it’s making it warm? …. So, what caused this wacky wave of winter warmth? Just like any good mystery, there is more than one theory. And with weather systems and climate trends being so complex, it could take years […]

Writing About Something Is Not An Endorsement

I wanted to address something, as brought up by Jeffrey, and felt it better to move it to a new post, rather than continue the conversation within that post, as it is a different subject. This comes from the post The Donald Schools A Clinton Compliant Media Hackette. After much back and forth, the goalposts […]

Irony: Fight Breaks Out At Newark Ant-Violence Rally

You’re doing it wrong https://twitter.com/WilliamTeach/status/682349987678842881 From the article A skirmish broke out between rival activists on the steps of City Hall Wednesday during what had been intended as a demonstration against violence in Newark. Police were called to the scene after a small crowd began arguing over escalating violence and the city’s attempts to curb […]

Democrats Object To Plan To Subject Refugees To Lie Detector Tests Before Entry

The suggestion to subject Middle Eastern refugees to lie detector tests was brought up mid-December. Now, it’s part of actual legislation (The Hill) A House lawmaker wants to require Syrian and Iraqi refugees to complete lie detector tests before being allowed to enter the country. Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) has introduced legislation that would require […]

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