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Did You Just Throw Food At Me?

The dog looks scandalized.

There Are Two Key Points Skeptics Miss Or Something

This comes to us via Vox’s David Roberts, who, though a long confirmed Warmist, who I thoroughly enjoyed over at Grist, is not one of the nasty and/or offensive types. Deluded? Yes. Nasty? No The two key points that climate skeptics miss …. 1) Climate science represents a convergence of evidence Why do so many […]

If All You See…

…is carbon pollution created snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on the Greenpeace founder ratting to the FBI.

Precious Snowflake Sues Art Museum Over Baby Jesus

Someone really needs a Time Out in a corner to contemplate just where his life too a turn down Crazy Lane (NY Post) A Manhattan man is suing the Met, claiming it’s committing sacrilege by depicting Jesus as a blond. “Racist” paintings portraying Christ as an “Aryan” male should be removed from the walls of […]

Gun Salesman Of The Decade Looks To Do Gun Control By Executive Action

People often call Barack H. Obama the gun salesman of the year. At this point, no one has done more this decade to increase gun sales than Mr. Obama, and, it looks like he has the need to create even more sales. Someone should check his portfolio and see if he has stock in gun […]

Special Snowflakes Demand All Police Be Defunded

I say “go for it, at least in certain areas, see how that works out” (Mediaite) One of the leaders of the Chicago protests said on MSNBC Thursday that one of their main goals was to defund the police department. “So getting Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign is definitely not the main goal of the movement right now,” Breanna […]

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