Irony: Fight Breaks Out At Newark Ant-Violence Rally

You’re doing it wrong

From the article

A skirmish broke out between rival activists on the steps of City Hall Wednesday during what had been intended as a demonstration against violence in Newark.

Police were called to the scene after a small crowd began arguing over escalating violence and the city’s attempts to curb it.

The noon press conference was called by a group of activists led by Salaam Ismial, co-chair of the New Jersey Study Commission on Violence, and Abdul Muhammad, a longtime Newark anti-violence activist. In a release announcing the event, the two said they planned to ask Mayor Ras Baraka to “unleash his quality of life plan in addressing ongoing violence facing Newark residents.”

As the group spoke to reporters, however, a group of Baraka supporters including activist Donna Jackson and Tyrone “Street Counsel” Barnes began heckling and shouting from the base of the steps.

At that point, it got all pushy and skirmishy, with Barnes putting his hands around Mohammad’s neck and pushing him to the ground at one point.

Minister Thomas Ellis, who heads the Newark “Enough is Enough Coalition” and had joined Ismail and Muhammad at the press conference, said he was disappointed that what he characterized as an simple stand against violence had devolved into a political feud.

“People were speaking out two years ago or whatever, but now there’s not a lot of people speaking out. Everybody knows the reason,” he said.

“Today we stood on the steps of City Hall to show that black lives matter in Newark, and it turned out ugly.”

It’s nothing unusual at these protests, and, really, was probably one of the least violent protests, considering all the rioting, looting, arson, gun shots, stabbings, and real fights at others. Kinda hard to take a movement about non-violence seriously when they tend to include violence. As NJ1776 noted “This was a peaceful rally. No shootings or stabbings, just a few little fights. That’s quite peaceful for Newark.”

BTW, let’s not forget these are all Democratic Party voters living in Democratic Party run cities.

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3 Responses to “Irony: Fight Breaks Out At Newark Ant-Violence Rally”

  1. bobh says:

    I seriously dated a New Jersey woman for several years.
    First time at my house she hid all the kitchen knives.
    I asked, “Why”?
    She said, “in case there’s an argument”.

  2. Dana says:

    The problem is that there was an anti-violence demonstration in the first place. If people feel the need to demonstrate against violence, it’s because too many people, almost certainly including some of the demonstrators, were rotten parents.

    But there’s a second part to the problem, and that’s the “no snitchin'” culture, in which neighborhoods allow the thugs to get away with being thugs by refusing to let law enforcement know what’s happening, or refusing to testify. Too many inner-city residents are enabling their own predators by not getting involved in getting those predators off the streets.

  3. Deserttrek says:

    truth is always the best laughter … just thugs fighting for control

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