Climate Scientists Apparently Now Brainwashing Themselves With Fear

When you think in apocalyptic doom on a constant basis, when it’s your job to make predictions of doom, when your Leftist politics demand that you trot out stories of doom, this might effect your mental well-being

It’s the End of the World — How Do You Feel?

Terry Root often goes to sleep at night wondering how she’ll be able to get up the next morning and do it all over again. Then the sun comes up and she forces herself out of bed. She might go for a run to release the pent-up anxiety. Sometimes she cries. Or she’ll commiserate with colleagues, sharing in and validating each other’s angst. What keeps Terry up at night aren’t the usual ailments; it’s not a tyrant boss or broken heart.

The diagnosis: global warming.

A senior fellow at Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment, Root has spent the past two decades unraveling the thread between climate change and the eventual mass extinctions of countless species of plants, animals — and, yes, humans. “That’s a tough, tough thing to cope with,” Root says in a weary, jagged voice. There’s more. When the gray-haired bird watcher shares her End of Days findings, she’s often met with personal attacks; naysayers hurl their disagreement and disdain, complete with name-calling and threats from politicians. But the absolute worst part of her job? We’re not listening. “It’s harder than hell to carry that,” says Root.

Armageddon aside for a moment, that an acclaimed scientist will say h-e-l-l to a reporter and use words like cope is a sign of changing times. Not only are we living on a warming planet but a progressively emotive one. It started with parents coddling their kids (no more advice to “just suck it up”), then it was emojis (punctuation isn’t enough) and now it’s climatologists tweeting “we’re f’d” and field researchers speaking up about climate depression — or even pretraumatic stress disorder.

In other words, climate scientists have made themselves mental messes. All over a meager 1.4F increase in global temperatures since 1850, warming that is less than during previous Holocene warm periods. Of course, you couple that, which they think is apocalyptic, with their prognostications of a 3.6F increase by 2100 (despite their computer models failing 95% of the time), and they are almost breaking down mentally.

But emotions are less predictable than facts and figures. Root remembers giving a talk once at the University of Utah. Afterward a few students came up to ask questions; one young man had tears in his eyes. “Is it really this bad?” he pleaded. Root told him it’s worse. He went on to become an activist and was sent to prison for one of his illegal protests. Root has always felt responsible.

Fortunately, ‘climate scientists’ are spreading their self-induced misery for others to share, all based on junk science.

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10 Responses to “Climate Scientists Apparently Now Brainwashing Themselves With Fear”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    In other words, climate scientists have made themselves mental messes.

    That isn’t the description of a mental mess; it is a description of mental illness, a state of mind which compromises her ability to proceed through a normal day. The honorable Dr Root has screwed herself up into a mental state not qualitatively different from the Kool-Aid drinkers at Jonestown. Next thing we’ll know is that she’s preparing a rocket to send her son Kal-El to another planet.

  2. John says:

    Dana di you also believe that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are also all nut cases because they oo believe that AFW is real and serious?And Teach that “miniscule” 1.*F rise: hasnt most of that rise happened since 1960 when the Sun (the great driver of Earth’s temps) has not increaed it solar irradiance? In fact it is now slightly LESS than in 1960. Teach if it isn’t the Sun that is making the Earth cook, what is it?

  3. Dana says:

    John, you apparently didn’t read what I wrote; I said nothing about whether global warming climate change is real or not. I simply noted that the esteemed Dr Root has taken climate change hysteria so far that it has made her mentally imbalanced.

    As for the JCS, I rarely take their statements seriously, because they are all echoing what the civilian leadership tells them to say. There is no more politically correct group in the world than American military officers, and those who do not toe the line find that their careers have reached a dead end.

  4. Jeffery says:

    It’s easy to call the opposition mentally ill. Fun, too!

    But Dr. Root is not mentally ill, she is deeply concerned.

    A diminishing number of people still believe that global warming is a hoax and the Earth is warming from natural causes. Every significant scientific body, every major religion, every government, most large corporations recognize that global warming is major problem for human civilization and we’d have our heads in the sand to ignore it.

    The Earth is a sphere, cold fusion is a myth, the moon is not made of cheese and man-made global warming is happening.

    Giving up your childish things is not surrendering.

  5. Dana says:

    Jeffrey, when I read quotes — not by our host — such as “and now it’s climatologists tweeting “we’re f’d” and field researchers speaking up about climate depression — or even pretraumatic stress disorder,” yeah, mental illness is what I see. Now there is pretraumatic stress disorder, people having mental issues — and the Mayo Clinic defines post-traumatic stress disorder as :a mental health condition” — over something which hasn’t even happened yet. That’s not just concern; that’s half-way down the road to Loony Tunes.

    PTSD is trauma induced by something people have seen or experienced; pre-TSD would be trauma induced by something people have imagined. That’s just plain nuts.

  6. david7134 says:

    Just about everything you said is wrong or obfuscation. So, why do you exaggerate and lie?? You do that with everything. Is that what your mental system is really like or are you trying to influence people with lies and name calling? Why, what is so important that you have to bring the government and fascism into every aspect of our lives? It has been acknowledged, by the liberals, that the most stringent of carbon restriction will do little to the environment. So, why are you so insistent on destroying our way of life and hurting the poor and middle class, those that can barely make it now after 7 years of liberal legislation, rule, regulations, laws and interference? I can tell you that people are really mad about their health insurance and other changes that Obama has made, and those are the Obama voters.

  7. gitarcarver says:

    Dishonest, discredited and odious Jeffery wrote:

    It’s easy to call the opposition mentally ill. Fun, too!

    This from the person on this forum who declared his wife was delusional.

    I wonder how much “fun” she had with that description?

  8. jl says:

    “Every significant scientific body, every religion, every government…every, every, every..everything!” The first thing that comes to mind is a five year old on the playground shouting “everybody hates you!” to his perceived rival because, obviously, not everybody does. The “we have more guys on our side so we win” argument. How very scientific. Irrelevant, as it still takes only one person to disprove a theory. Of course in this case Mother Nature is the one disproving the theory.

  9. Jeffery says:

    I see the gutter creeper has crept out of its gutter and is hissing its old delusions.

    What kind of “man” insults another man’s wife on-line? A gutter creeper. A conservapuss.

  10. Jeffery says:


    By definition, as a science Denier, of course you reject the significance of 99+% of scientists and every scientific body on Earth (e.g, US National Academy of Sciences, American Physical Society, American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society, American Chemical Society, AAAS, and another 100 organizations) agreeing that human-generated greenhouse gases are causing warming.

    Can we at least recognize that these professionals understand the evidence better than you?

    Tell me, do you have any doubt, any doubt at all, in your position that there is no evidence to support the theory that human-generated greenhouse gases are causing warming? Are you 95% certain? 99%? 100%?

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