Climate Change “cannot be a partisan issue” Or Something

So says US Rep Carlos Curbelo  (Fla), one of the few squishy Republicans who’ve decided to believe in Hotcoldwetdry, and conflate real environmental issues with it

(Miami Herald) Now more than ever, it is crucial that we acknowledge the reality that is the Earth’s changing climate. Without question, this is one of the major challenges of our time and directly threatens the communities of South Florida. If left unaddressed, the consequences of a changing climate have the potential to adversely affect not only our families and neighbors, but the entire country.

To view climate change through partisan lenses only detracts from efforts to discover practical solutions. This debate should not devolve into a petty competition between Republicans and Democrats.

First, climate change is real. Anyone who disagrees is a fool. But, the debate isn’t on changes in climate, but on causation.

Second, Curbelo is making this a partisan issue. He’s specifically telling Republicans they must get on board the AGW bandwagon. He’s allowing no dissent.

Instead, it should consist of a constructive dialogue focusing on the implementation of policies that encourage the growth and development of clean alternative energy sources that will complement traditional ones.

On that, I’ll agree. Warmists, though, do not want said dialogue: they want to kill all fossil fuels energy, mostly want to kill nuclear, are typically against hydrothermal (dams), and are often at odds with each other when it comes to actually building and/or turning on alternative energy plants. Curbelo is specifically taking the Warmist position

If we want to diminish the impact that greenhouse gases will continually have on our planet over the next century, the effort to constrain carbon emissions must be expanded.

I guess he’s looking into a crystal ball. Has he given up his own use of fossil fuels and made his life carbon neutral?

To efficiently and effectively address this issue, we need an approach that is market-based as opposed to one driven by an increase in top-down government regulation. Enacting policies that encourage the private sector to invest, not only in general infrastructure projects, but long-term visionary technologies, will lead to economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Tax incentives for developing energy sources like solar, wind and hydropower are just one way of encouraging America’s innovators to develop advanced solutions. And this energy transition cannot exclude low-income Americans.

Got that? Market based solutions driven by Government “incentives”. Otherwise know as government force interfering with the free market. He can pretty the language up all he wants, he’s pushing the same Progressive (nice fascist) policies the Left leaning Warmists push. Because it’s “for your own good”.

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2 Responses to “Climate Change “cannot be a partisan issue” Or Something”

  1. John says:

    Teach what do you think is causing the climate to change so rapidly ? Orbital changes? Sun giving us more irradiance? Volcanic activity ?
    The Free Market is like bad fascists who want no governmental regulation of the market. Because what is best for the oligarchs us best for all of us, Right Teach? We don’t need no stinkin government demanding seat belts or child seats in cars.
    The oligarchs will always take good care of us.
    like with addicting kids to nicotine.

  2. jl says:

    John-What makes you think the climate is changing rapidly? Rapid compared to what? Simple question.

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