Exxon Wants You To Read The Docoments On “Climate Change”

The post from Exxon speaks for itself

When it comes to climate change, read the documents

Read the documents.

Go ahead, you really should. Read the documents on the InsideClimate News site purportedly provingsome conspiracy on ExxonMobil’s part to hide our climate science findings.

In case you need help finding them, the link to the documents on theInsideClimate News site is right here.

Why do we want you to read them?

Because you will see that they completely undercut the allegations made by InsideClimate News in itsseries about ExxonMobil – allegations that were subsequently echoed by activists like Bill McKibben and Naomi Oreskes.

McKibben, for instance, wrote, “Exxon knew all that there was to know about climate change decades ago, and instead of alerting the rest of us denied the science and obstructed the politics of global warming.”

But if you read the documents, it will become clear the opposite is true.

Read the rest.

At the time the discussions were held back in the 70’s and early 80’s, climate science was truly in its infancy. This research led to to other research, with the determination being that, yes, CO2 does cause some warming, but, it is minimal, and temperature increases mostly precede atmospheric CO2 increases. Regardless, so much of their early research was as widely wrong as all the other anthropogenic global warming research, research that is still wrong today.

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2 Responses to “Exxon Wants You To Read The Docoments On “Climate Change””

  1. Dana says:

    From The Wall Street Journal:

    GM Cuts Shift at Small-Car Plant Amid Struggling Sales
    The move will result in about 500 layoffs, but employees will be offered opportunities elsewhere
    By Gautham Nagesh | Oct. 23, 2015 8:43 a.m. ET

    General Motors said Friday that it will eliminate the second shift at its Orion, Mich.,assembly plant, resulting in roughly 500 layoffs, a move that reflects the weakness of the broad passenger-car market as buyers flock to trucks and SUVs.

    A GM spokeswoman confirmed the move and said the vast majority of employees will be offered opportunities at other GM facilities, including the Detroit-Hamtramck plant where the Chevrolet Volt and other GM passenger cars are built and a shift of 1,200 people will soon be added. The shift actions come as the No.1 U.S. auto maker works to reach a new pact with the United Auto Workers union.

    Earlier this week, GM reported record operating profit in North America as its truck-market share and volumes spiked. It said its share of the passenger-car market, which includes sedans and compact cars, continued to dwindle.

    There’s more at the original, but the point is clear: regardless of what people might say, what Americans are increasingly choosing to do is to buy larger vehicles.

    Of course, at least part of this is driven by lower fuel prices, so the ecofascists will want government to impose taxes to force up the price of gasoline, because when it comes to consumers having a freedom of choice, people like Jeffrey don’t want them to have larger vehicles as an option.The left believe in freedom of choice in exactly one thing.

  2. Jeffery says:


    Thanks for the shout out. People can have all the large vehicles they want as far as I’m concerned, so long as they take responsibility for the damages they’re causing.

    When people DON’T take responsibility for their damaging actions, what’s a society to do? If you need a big ol’ V8 F250 to make you feel like a man again, have at it! But it seems only fair that you pay extra for the damage you’re doing to the planet.

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