Arizona High School Decrees Wearing American Colors Is Racist

Also green, flags, and Trump related. Such is the state of America these days

(Breitbart) A high school in Arizona has banned pro-Donald Trump clothing at a Friday football game because it would be “racist” or “offensive.”

Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona – with a student body known as “The Tribe” – is set to face off against Marcos de Niza High School Friday in an anticipated rivalry game. The game was supposed to have a “USA” theme. But that theme was considered problematic and thrown out.

“The Tribe tweeted out that the theme for the game would be “USA,” and students should wear red, white and blue. Administration recognized that this theme had negative connotations,” according to a statement Thursday by the Editorial Board of the Corona student newspaper.

The theme was changed to “Orange Out”, and anyone dressed inappropriately would not be admitted to the game. When the student newspaper was asked what is inappropriate, they responded

@DylanJWater Anything perceived to be offensive/racist: green, USA, flags, Trump, etc. It’s not the clothing, but the intent behind it.

— Sunrise Staff (@CdSSunrise) October 22, 2015

And then, apparently, deleted the tweet when it hit the news.

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5 Responses to “Arizona High School Decrees Wearing American Colors Is Racist”

  1. John says:

    The GOP loves that trump!
    I am voting for Trump! (In the primary)

  2. Dana says:

    You know what the high schoolers will do: they’ll dress in he prohibited items, and then cover them up with the orange to get through the admission gate. Once inside, they’ll all peel off the orange to display the banned clothing. That’s what all of us would have done at those ages!

  3. gitarcarver says:

    The GOP loves that trump!
    I am voting for Trump! (In the primary)

    So john votes for a person in the primary that he would not vote for in the general election.

    Why am I not shocked that even in elections, john would commit voter fraud.

    It is also interesting that New York has closed primaries which means that if john is a registered Republican, he lied about that as well.

  4. Jl says:

    The Dems love that socialist!

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