Backrunner Lindsay Graham Challenges Republicans To Tell Him Why They Don’t Back Hotcoldwetdry

Senator Lindsay Graham has made Soros funded Climate Progress very happy

Lindsey Graham Challenges Republicans: ‘Tell Me Why’ You Deny Climate Science

Today, during a convention in New Hampshire hosted by the bipartisan group No Labels, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took a moment to differentiate himself from the rest of the GOP field by talking about climate change.

As one of the only Republican presidential candidates to repeatedly bring up climate change in the press and during campaign stops, Graham began by asking the audience if anyone there believed climate change was real. Nearly half of the attendees raised their hands and applauded.

“I do, too,” Graham said. “So here’s the trade-off. For those of you who believe climate change is real, you’re gonna have to deal with a guy like me who will push a lower carbon economy over time and in a business friendly way. The great trade-off is energy producers and environmentalists in a room trying to find, over a 50 year period, a way to go to a lower-carbon economy while in the meantime responsibly exploring for fossil fuels that we own and trying to create alternative energy in every sector of the economy.” (snip)

Graham continued by contrasting Democrats who view climate change as a “religion” with Republicans that refuse to accept the mainstream consensus on climate science.

“It is, to me folks, a problem that needs to be solved, not a religion,” Graham said of climate change. “So to my friends on the left who are making this a religion, you’re making a mistake. To my friends on the right who deny the science, tell me why.”

Good question, Lindsay. First off

The link goes to Dr. Roy Spencer’s article that shows that 95% of the computer models have been proven wrong. If they were right, we wouldn’t be seeing a pause/statistically insignificant warming, depending on the measuring source. We wouldn’t be seeing massive discrepancies between satellite and land data measurements. There would be no need for massive “smoothing” of the raw data. There would be no need for ever more scary fables from members, like Lindsay Graham, of the Cult of Climastrology.

We’d also see the majority of Warmists actually practicing what they preach. Yes, it might be tiring reading that point from me again and again and again, yet, it still stands. It’s relevant. As Glenn Reynolds wrote “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when those who tell us it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis”, meaning, walk the talk.

Furthermore, it’s quite apparent that almost every single policy prescription offered by Warmists jibe nicely with every policy prescription from Progressives: increased taxation, restrictions on individuals and companies, greater and greater control of individuals, private entities, and economies by Government. Everything is about government dominance. Replacing capitalism with a Progressive economic system. Redistribution of (Other People’s) wealth. This is a political movement, not a scientific one.

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6 Responses to “Backrunner Lindsay Graham Challenges Republicans To Tell Him Why They Don’t Back Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. david7134 says:

    Graham is one of the worse. He wants war in the Middle East, wants all illegals to have full citizenship, desires government in every aspect of our lives.

    If the climate religion was truly serious about the issue, then they would be moving to install filters were they could. As it is, all they can think of is a global tax and new monetary system.

  2. Jeffery says:


    You and others have brought this up before:

    If the climate religion was truly serious about the issue, then they would be moving to install filters where they could.

    What filters are you talking about?

  3. john says:

    Teach why doesn’t Lord Moneyton’s graph show last year and this year as being hottest on record?
    And Teach please explain how putting solar on people’s roofs will give BIG GOVERNMENT more control of decentralized energy.
    I can control government by voting. I can not control business from making as much profit off me as they possibly can

  4. john says:

    also please post the graph that shows that the climate models are wrong. On Spencer’s website that graph shows that the temps HAVE been going up for the last 20 years please also note that his graph has NOT been updated to show the last 2 record breaking years.

  5. 1. Because the satellites do not show that warmth, and, really, John it was, at most, several hundredths of a degree, which they actually aren’t even certain of.

    As for solar panels on people’s roofs, not sure what left field that came out of. I’ve got no problem if people want to use their own money for that. You know what would be great? Using solar panels in parking lots to hang over cars. What I do have a problem with is the shell game that power companies play when offering to put them on residential homes.

    Controlling government? Good luck with that. We are mostly left with choices between bad and really bad, regardless of party, and most elected officials really couldn’t care about the average citizen, except when they need to pander to us.

  6. jl says:

    Why didn’t Lord Monckton’s graph show last year and this year as being the hottest on record?” Because they weren’t. Also, being much smarter than the average cult member, he has enough math background to know that “the record” only goes back about 135 years, so it means nothing compared to the 4 billion we have no comparable data for. He also knows that even if the adjusted graphs are true, it by no means proves the cause of such alleged warming.

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