Hillary Totally Wants To Take The 2nd Amendment Back From NRA

Yes, this woman who has been surrounded by security with guns for decades wants a new group

(Huffington Post) While promoting her new proposals to limit the availability of firearms, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested at a town hall in New Hampshire Monday that “responsible gun owners” should join together to create an alternative to the National Rifle Association.

Clinton’s plan includes a repeal of the legal immunity gun manufacturers and dealers received under a law passed by Congress in 2005, something the NRA and other groups would be sure to fight against. But one way to defeat the NRA, Clinton argued, would be to counteract the group’s political power with a new organization for gun owners who would be open to more restrictions on firearms.

“Ideally, what I would love to see is gun owners, responsible gun owners, hunters, form a different organization and take back the Second Amendment from these extremists,” she said.

The NRA protects legal gun owners from gun grabbers like Hillary. Because there is an organization for gun owners: it’s called “The Government”. And it does a great job in restricting private citizens who want guns for personal protection from obtaining them. See Chicago, Detroit, D.C., St. Louis, NYC, New Jersey, etc. The Government has plenty of its own guns, yet, doesn’t want others to have them, and cannot protect private citizens from the gun-play occurring in their streets by those who do not obey the laws, nor would they obey any new laws.

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7 Responses to “Hillary Totally Wants To Take The 2nd Amendment Back From NRA”

  1. John says:

    Does your interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. Preclude any restrictions on any “arms”?
    Why do you not allow guns to be openly carried by people who work in your phone stores?
    Have you invited NC Open Carry. To come to your store?
    Ronald Regan tried to ban assault rifles was that a mistake?

  2. Dana says:

    Wouldn’t open carry be better than concealed carry? With open carry, you know who is armed; with concealed carry, you don’t.

    • John says:

      Well I certainly would be happier if handguns that can easily be conceLed had more restrictions than on long guns which everyone. Could easily see

  3. david7134 says:

    There is no reason to stop concealed carry. Why do we need permission to carry a gun to defend ourselves? Most women in this area have guns in their purses without a license, I approve and think more of the same should be the norm.

    As to Hillary, hopefully she can dictate all the policy she desires from her prison cell.

    • John says:

      Hope if you wish David but Hillary isn’t going to prison, much more likely. She will again reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

  4. jl says:

    No, John. She already resided there 1992-2000. She over-stayed her welcome and is not allowed there any more.

  5. Hillary is misinformed. There already is an alternative to the NRA. It’s called Gun Owners of America. They tend to be even more hard line in defense of ghe Second Amendment

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