Warmists Super Enthused By GOP Megadonor Who Believes In ‘Climate Change’

While belief in anthropogenic global warming, natch, ‘climate change’, is primarily a Left wing belief, their are certainly a few Republicans who believe that the current Holocene warm period, or at least parts of it (depends on the argument of the day) is mostly/solely caused by Mankind. Folks like Lindsay Graham, Jon Huntsman, Chris Christie, and Mitt Romney. It’s fine for them to have those beliefs, no matter how misguided. It’s not OK to force those beliefs on other people and attempt to solve it by implementing massive government projects, taxes, and controls. Here comes another, which brings to mind the phrase “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, or, “beware of megadonors bearing money”

(AP) Republican businessman Jay Faison says his party should stop fighting science and start talking solutions to climate change. He has $175 million in potential political donations to help inspire them. And if that’s not enough, he’s commissioned a survey, released Monday, that he says shows voters agree.

“I’m pretty frustrated about the political divide,” Faison said. “This is too important to leave to the Democrats.”

Faison made his fortune in 2013 with the sale of his majority stake in his audio-visual equipment company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He sank much of his profit into the ClearPath Foundation and a separate politically active policy group; both are devoted to moving Republicans beyond saying that the climate is not changing — or, if it is, that humans have nothing to do with it.

I’ll give him this, he’s doing this in smart manner in attempting to push clean energy in a manner that Conservatives can believe it. Heck, I believe it. Do we want clean energy? Sure. 72% of Republicans “support accelerating the development of clean energy”. That comes from a poll at the ClearPath Foundation. We just want it done in a wise manner, one that makes monetary sense, one that is not based on political payback, and ends in companies taking vast sums of taxpayer money, pocketing it, then closing the doors. One that doesn’t replace existing energy methods with costly ones that provide limited power.

We also do not want vast solar and wind farms despoiling the landscape, killing wildlife, and, yes, driving down property values.

That all said, at the end of the day this is first all about fighting Hotcoldwetdry for people like Faison, not pushing clean energy, and, Faison can say all he wants that this won’t increase the size and scope of the government, but, it will. He yammers on about “free market values”. The free markets have mostly decided that these energy forms are not worth it at this time.

In his personal story, Faison writes

Since then, liberals have claimed the energy and climate issue as their own. This was hard to watch. Why weren’t conservative solutions being offered up? Why weren’t more people like me involved? I saw the issue as one that should be owned by conservatives. What could be more conservative than energy independence and freeing up energy markets that were controlled by monopolies?

He’s doing the right thing for the wrong reason. One has to wonder if he has given up all use of fossil fuels in his own life. And, many on his advisory board sure seem to have the same opinions as far left Warmists, ones such as Jeremy Oppenheim, of McKinsey and Company, who is super thrilled by Naomi Klein’s views on totally changing economies to a far left type.

For all his talk about being a Republican, he sure seems unwilling to allow competing views

(NY Times) Democrats, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, have sought to paint Republicans who question climate change as deniers of science who are out of touch with the mainstream.

Mr. Faison and the Republican pollsters said that in order to avoid that characterization, Republicans need to move beyond questioning and start offering solutions.

Interesting. We’re supposed to solve something we don’t believe in, something based on junk science, flawed and failed computer models, modified data, and left wing hysteria. And, yes, Faison does very much want a “carbon tax”, yet another left wing proposition. I won’t call him a stealth Republican, but he sure seems to be very squishy.

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7 Responses to “Warmists Super Enthused By GOP Megadonor Who Believes In ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jobn says:

    Yesterday the 6 largest USA banks all came out with a strong statement about ” hotcoldeetdry”
    They also are in favor of a tax on cabin pollution
    Tesla S that you mocked in the lapd testing program is THE most crash resistant car. Sold in USA
    0-60mph is 3.8 seconds
    250-400 mile range
    I suppose this is all a result of your junk science
    From someone who thought there were 10cm in a meter

  2. Jeffery says:

    This is not an argument between the right and left, it’s an argument between the far, far radical right cockroaches and everyone else.

    Unfortunately for America and the world, the far, far radical right has hijacked the former GOP and is holding the nation hostage to their bizarre ideology. The only way to save America is to send the far, far radical right cockroaches back into hiding. It used to be we’d turn on the light and cockroaches would scatter back to their dark crevices. Now the cockroaches stand in front of the klieg lights and say “thermometers don’t matter!”, “cutting taxes increases revenue!”, “Negroes only want free stuff!”, “immigrants are rapists and criminals!”, “good health is a luxury of the rich!”, “more guns equal less (sic) shootings!”, “Planned Parenthood is cutting organs out of living babies and selling them!”, … no longer afraid of the light. We’ve lost our way. By striving so hard to make every soundbite equal we’ve forgotten how to discriminate between the good and the bad. It used to be such statements and their sources were scorned. Now they lead Republican polls.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Good gawd.

    In a critique of a serious discussion about global warming and how liberals, conservatives, Republicans and Democrats might work together, the sum total of The Teach’s takedown is:

    One has to wonder if he has given up all use of fossil fuels in his own life.

    Good gawd. You CoCroaches are simple-minded suckers.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Grumpy much?

  5. Jl says:

    John -What’s “cabin pollution”? Is that when your cabin up in the woods gets some smoke in it?

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