Cult Of Climastrology RICO Letter Disappears Into Memory Hole

Too bad the Internet is forever

Via Bishop Hill, who notes “You can imagine the horror on the signatories’ faces when they realised that some very determined people were about to take a close interest in their financial arrangements and those of their colleagues at IGES.”

That letter is already out there, and has been published by many, many outlets.

Judith Curry has an Op-ed about the letter itself, and notes

The demand by Senator Whitehouse and the 20 climate scientists for legal persecution of people whose research on science and policy they disagree with represents a new low in the politicization of science.

The role of these 20 scientists is particularly troubling. The consequence of this persecution, intended or not, is to make pariahs of scientists who are doing exactly what we expect of researchers: to critically evaluate evidence and publish that work in the scientific literature. (snip)

What these 20 scientists have done with their letter is the worst kind of irresponsible advocacy. Attempts by powerful people to silence other scientists, especially in this brutal fashion, is a recipe for stifling scientific progress and for making poor policies.

Cultists do not care, because this is politics for them.

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