Warmists: Carbon Pollution Will Totally Doom Us In 20k Years

If we don’t leave all fossil fuels in the ground starting now…wait, I thought other Cult of Climastrology members were saying that no one was saying that?

(Takepart) Keep it in the ground. That’s the rallying cry of environmentalists who warn that burning the world’s remaining fossil fuel reserves would unleash catastrophic climate change.

That’s good advice, according to scientists who in a new study found that the carbon emissions from exhausting coal, oil, and natural gas reserves would melt the entire Antarctic ice sheet, triggering a seal level rise of 160 to 200 feet.


The new findings are in line with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s sea-level-rise estimates, which predict a two- to three-foot sea-level rise by 2100.

But Caldeira said that the new findings show that after 2100, sea levels would increase about 10 feet over the following 100 years. That’s nearly 10 times faster than the current rate. (Snip)

Caldeira said the team took estimates under circumstances ranging from zero carbon emissions to a “burn it all” scenario—in which all 10,000 gigatons of coal, natural gas, and oil are extracted and burned over the course of 10,000 years. That worst-case scenario would lead to a global average temperature nearly 9 degrees Celsius (about 16 degrees Fahrenheit) higher than today’s temperature and much higher than the increase of 2 degrees Celsius scientists have warned we need to stay below to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The article does claim that just 6 to 8 percent could make Antarctica unstable, according to computer models. Insert snicker here.

Anyhow, 10 feet by the end of this century (not happening at current reality ) the 10 feet more per century gives us just under 20k years. Worst. Scary. Movie. Ever.

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3 Responses to “Warmists: Carbon Pollution Will Totally Doom Us In 20k Years”

  1. Not going to commit suicide just yet,
    will wait it out and see what happens

  2. john says:

    Regan was an early warner of climate change. His gf Maggie Thatcher convinced him about the danger
    Teach you should of course give a full disclosure warning? you told us that “rainstorm” Sandy was overhyped you sort of misjudged that one

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Regan was an early warner of climate change. His gf Maggie Thatcher convinced him about the danger

    And then Thatcher looked into the research and backed away from AGW:

    But in 2003, she backtracked on her climate advocacy, calling climate activism a “marvelous excuse for supra-national socialism,” and denouncing Al Gore’s calls for international cooperation around climate change “apocalyptic hyperbole.”

    In her 2003 book Statecraft she wrote of “a new dogma about climate change has swept through the left-of-center governing classes,” praised former President George W. Bush for rejecting the Kyoto Protocol and bemoaned the “costly and economically damaging” schemes to limit carbon emissions.

    While it would appear Thatcher, who died on Monday at age 87, did a complete 180 on the issue, Iain Murray with the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., has argued that she remained an environmentalist.

    “Thatcher’s environmentalism is founded on Edmund Burke’s conservative view of our inheritance as being worth defending,” he wrote. “Yet that view is tempered by her classical liberal belief that human wealth and progress are crucial. That is why Lady Thatcher can be described as a true free market environmentalist.”

    Will Oremus, writing for Slate, notes she never abandoned her faith in the scientific method, nor her belief that true conservatism entailed caring for the Earth so that future generations may thrive.

    In other words john, Thatcher got off the kool-aid which you continue to drink.

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