We Could Be Totally Doomed By A “Gray Swan” Hurricane ‘Cause Climate Change

I know you were asking “hey, where’s today’s scary story? I want a scary story!” Here ya go

A ‘gray swan’ hurricane could be worse than anything we’ve ever seen

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina topped the list of the worst storms to ever hit the US when it triggered a 28-foot-tall storm surge that swept over Mississippi and broke a levee that flooded New Orleans.

But even with all that destruction, Katrina is not the worst storm that could have hit the US.

In a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers simulated thousands of hurricanes that could hit sometime in the next century. (snip)

Risk managers call completely unpredictable and devastating storms “black swans,” but in this paper, the researchers are describing devastating storms that are actually predictable, and they’ve ominously named them “gray swans.”

What does all this mean? Essentially, they’re saying that because of anthropogenic climate change, the seas are rising faster and faster (a fable, by the way), and we’re soon, well, in the future, going to see these monster hurricanes, including hitting the places that do not usually get hit or suffer from hurricanes typically. Total doom.

Why are they pushing this? Well, because hurricane landfalls have significantly decreased since the time we were told that the big season of 2005 was the “new normal”. It’s been over 9 years since a major hurricane hit the US. Since 2008 the US has only seen no more than two barely-a-hurricanes make landfall, and it can be argued with data that neither was a hurricane at landfall. Superstorm Sandy was supposed to be the next “new normal”. None since.

Eventually, though, the Atlantic hurricane climate will flip, as it always does, and hurricanes making landfall will become prevalent again. All the prognostications from the Cult of Climastrology now will allow they to say “see? We told you so!” when that happens, despite this always happening, and fools and brain-dead Warmists will believe them.

The authors point out that these hypothetical storms are all extreme cases, but understanding the risks is critical when we start planning things like future city infrastructure. It also drives home the point of how devastating climate change may be if allowed to run amok.

There you go. Doom.

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