Will Hillary’s Email Shenanigans Burn The White House?

That’s the question Commentary’s John R. Schindler poses

Hillary Clinton’s email problems are already causing headaches for her presidential campaign. But within American counterintelligence circles, there’s a mounting sense that the former Secretary of State may not be the only Obama administration official in trouble. This is a scandal that has the potential to spread to the White House, as well. (snip)

EmailGate has barely touched the White House directly, although it’s clear that some senior administration officials beyond the State Department were aware of Hillary’s unorthodox email and server habits, given how widely some of the emails from Clinton and her staff were forwarded around the Beltway. Obama’s inner circle may not be off-limits to the FBI for long, however, particularly since the slipshod security practices of certain senior White House officials have been a topic of discussions in the Intelligence Community for years.

Hillary Clinton was far from the only senior Obama appointee to play fast and loose with classified materials, according to Intelligence Community insiders. While most counterspies agree that Hillary’s practices—especially using her own server and having her staffers place classified information into unclassified emails, in violation of Federal law—were especially egregious, any broad-brush investigation into security matters are likely to turn up other suspects, they maintain.

Where does all this go? No one is sure at this time. What will the FBI find? What will Congressional investigators find? Will the highly politicized Department of Justice quash the FBI and any potential charges?

This is a serious issue, and the lack of transparency and the slow-walking of the investigation smacks of an attempt to minimize the damage to Hillary and the Obama administration, much in the way the Nixon WH attempted to minimize Watergate. And it is serious, regardless of what Liberals claime

(Washington Times) One of the most serious potential breaches of national security identified so far by the intelligence community inside Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private emails involves the relaying of classified information concerning the movement of North Korean nuclear assets, which was obtained from spy satellites.

Multiple intelligence sources who spoke to The Washington Times, solely on the condition of anonymity, said concerns about the movement of the North Korean information through Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured server are twofold.

First, spy satellite information is frequently classified at the top-secret level and handled within a special compartment called Talent-Keyhole. This means it is one of the most sensitive forms of intelligence gathered by the U.S.

Second, the North Koreans have assembled a massive cyberhacking army under an elite military spy program known as Bureau 121, which is increasingly aggressive in targeting systems for hacking, especially vulnerable private systems. The North Koreans, for instance, have been blamed by the U.S. for the hack of Sony movie studios.

Again, if Hillary was a Republican, Democrats would be screaming for her head on a silver platter (and, yes, Republicans would be calling for her to drop out of the race, and face charges). Democrats, though, will ignore all rules of law in order to obtain power.

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6 Responses to “Will Hillary’s Email Shenanigans Burn The White House?”

  1. John says:

    Teach if you think that the DOJ is highly politicized NOW what did you think when Bush fires 8 attorney generals with due cause?
    The problem with these allegations directed at Obama is that you then have to assume that everyone below him is also rotten for not resigning

  2. John says:

    Teach how can you post something like ” spy satalite photos are frequently classified top secret ”
    Frequently ???
    Teach I am not sure if this in itself is classified and like Hillary rabid right wingers may accuse me of emailing you classified info
    Here it is
    Don’t tell the volumes about it
    GOOGLE MAPS has a satalite view it showed my bike in a NYC street
    Do you think the Washington Times knows about that ?

  3. Hank_M says:

    John, you shouldn’t write about things you don’t know.
    Bush fired 8 US attorneys, not attorney generals.

    The left went nuts as they always do. The same left that saw nothing wrong with Bill Clinton firing 93 US Attorney’s in 1993.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    john can’t help himself from posting about things he doesn’t know. Furthermore, he doesn’t know or comprehend what he reads. He then doubles down on his ignorance and non-comprehension.

    In this case, john wrote:

    ” spy satalite photos are frequently classified top secret ”

    But that is not what the article and the post said. It reads:

    First, spy satellite information is frequently classified at the top-secret level and handled within a special compartment called Talent-Keyhole. This means it is one of the most sensitive forms of intelligence gathered by the U.S.

    The difference is that john thinks that the US spy satellites only collect images like a bike on a street. That’s not the case. They can do much more than that. The data in the emails show the capabilities of the satellites and if someone like North Korea knows the capability of a satellite and the data collecting, they can counter it.

    That’s the issue.

    Furthermore, data, images. etc from spy satellites are “classified by nature.” If Clinton had the data in an email on her server, she broke the law.


  5. jl says:

    John, don’t you get tired of always being….oh, never mind.

  6. Teapartyguardian says:

    How can there be that many criminals in one place (D.C.)? Owebama has used his blackness over and over again to cowed the republicans into submission. Where are those super secret departments that remove idiots from office? Just sayin’… In case they exist to remove critical commenters….

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