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Why Are Liberals Engaged In A War On Black Girls?

Salon writer Brittney Cooper is Very Concerned America’s war on Black girls: Why McKinney police violence isn’t about “one bad apple” Many have been quick to dismiss or make excuses for the shocking video out of Texas. Here’s the truth of the matter In just over two months, we will commemorate the 10th anniversary of […]

If All You See…

…are super awesome trees that will soon be killed by the rising seas, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Adrienne’s Corner, with a post on McKinney coming to Clearwater.

Carly Fiorina Release Brutal Attack On Hillary Clinton’s Record

As Allahpundit notes “It’s three minutes long, which is about six times longer than an effective ad should be, but the length works here to underscore the point. Those long seconds of silence when someone’s asked to name a Clinton accomplishment feel even longer when you watch a string of people struggling with the question. […]

Warmist Monbiot: Stop Using China As An Excuse For Climate Non-Action

George Monbiot is one of the more rabid members of the Cult of Climastrology, but, today, he writes something that offers a sense of sanity Stop using China as an excuse for inaction on climate change Invoking Yellow Peril tropes over China’s carbon footprint fails to recognise the fact its energy use is tied to […]

Spokane NAACP Head Living Lie As Black Woman, Offers Incredible Weasel Defense

I think it is high time we have a National Conversation!!!!! on people living as someone they’re not (Spokesman-Review) Controversy is swirling around one of the Inland Northwest’s most prominent civil rights activists, with family members of Rachel Dolezal saying the local leader of the NAACP has been falsely portraying herself as black for years. Dolezal, […]

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