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Salon: Say, All These Democrat Policies Created Black Ghettos

Salon is running an interesting article from the far left Washington Spectator, as written by Richard Rothstein, which does a pretty good job in Blaming Democrats for the current state of Black cities and neighborhoods, saying that the policies led to the current riots. Let’s discuss this, so Eric Holder doesn’t think we are all […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Powers That Be, with a post on the always awesome climate change hack Bill Nye.

Climate Stations Show A 10 Year U.S. Cooling Trend

Obviously, members of the Cult of Climastrology will have two main complaints. First, we’ll hear about how this is “cherry picked”, because they don’t seem to have a grasp of the concept of working back from now. Second, they’ll yammer on about the US only being two percent of the globe. (Daily Caller) Data from […]

There Are Big Divisions In Catholicism Over “Climate Change”

These divisions mirror the general public, and there’s actually a big reveal in the data Catholics Divided Over Global Warming Partisan Differences Mirror Those Among General Public On the eve of a forthcoming encyclical by Pope Francis on the environment and climate change, a new Pew Research Center survey finds that U.S. Catholics’ views on […]

Washington Post: Say, This Obama Guy Should Strike Back Overy Cyber Hacks

OK, the Washington Post Editorial Board doesn’t exactly say Obama should do something, but that whoever is supposed to be in charge of the Executive Branch, whoever they are, should A pathetic breach of responsibility on cybersecurity BY ANY measure, the breach of Office of Personnel Management networks this year stands apart. It represents a […]

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