Climate Change Is Totally Going To Cause Less But More Powerful Hurricanes Or Something

First the Cult Of Climastrology stated categorically that the 2005 hurricane season would be the new normal, with lots and lots of storm, ranging from tropical depressions to monster hurricanes, making landfall. When that quickly failed to come to pass, they started saying that hurricanes would be fewer but stronger. Then, when the big hurricanes failed to materialize, they started blaming “climate change” for the absence of land-falling hurricanes, along with stating that they’d materialize in the future. They’ve claimed that the absence is just bad luck. They’ve claimed that the lack of Florida hurricanes is a bad thing. They’ve even been puzzled. And now?

Researchers: Hurricanes come in bunches and could get stronger


Another conference session will explore whether storm statistics are in for change because of a changing climate.

Kerry Emanuel, professor of atmospheric science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will present research that ties climate change to fewer small or average-sized storms and an uptick in the number of the most powerful storms.

“The very high intensity events should go up in number and that’s important because a disproportionate amount of damage is done by these high category storms even though they are relatively rare,” Emanuel said.

Emanuel’s research also points to a likelihood that hurricanes are going to rain a lot more in the future — a worry because of the flooding and deaths that can result.

The beginning of the article is about concern that people, especially in Florida and place typically prone to tropical system strikes, have become blase about the whole thing, since a hurricane has not hit Florida since 2005, and what can be done to make sure people take any future hurricane seriously. This is smart policy. Anyone has been through even just a tropical storm knows the dangers. And I would be very surprised if Florida makes it through another year or two without a strike.

But, instead of just dealing with a real danger, these fools have to bring in “climate change”, rather than focusing on the reality.

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9 Responses to “Climate Change Is Totally Going To Cause Less But More Powerful Hurricanes Or Something”

  1. PhilTaylor says:

    CNN is doing a series of reports about Climate Change.
    As predicted now that C02 levels have reached 400ppm the new doomsday threshold is 450ppm.

  2. john says:

    Actually the total number of hurricanes was greatest in the decade 2001-2010. And Of course you forgot to tell us by “landfall” you only mean on the continental USA. Again this seems to show just a bit of a self centered or narcissistic personality, if it doesn’t effect me personally why should I care attitude.
    The first column is named storms
    The second is hurricanes
    The third is major hurricanes

    1968 8 4 0 45
    1969 18 12 5 166
    1970 10 5 2 40
    1971 13 6 1 97
    1972 7 3 0 36
    1973 8 4 1 48
    1974 11 4 2 68
    1975 9 6 3 76
    1976 10 6 2 84
    1977 6 5 1 25
    1978 12 5 2 63
    1979 9 5 2 93
    1980 11 9 2 149
    1981 12 7 3 100
    1982 6 2 1 32
    1983 4 3 1 17
    1984 13 5 1 84
    1985 11 7 3 88
    1986 6 4 0 36
    1987 7 3 1 34
    1988 12 5 3 103
    1989 11 7 2 135
    1990 14 8 1 97
    1991 8 4 2 36
    1992 7 4 1 76
    1993 8 4 1 39
    1994 7 3 0 32
    1995 19 11 5 228
    1996 13 9 6 166
    1997 8 3 1 41
    1998 14 10 3 182
    1999 12 8 5 177
    2000 15 8 3 119
    2001 15 9 4 110
    2002 12 4 2 67
    2003 16 7 3 176
    2004 15 9 6 227
    2005 28 15 7 250
    2006 10 5 2 79
    2007 15 6 2 74
    2008 16 8 5 146
    2009 9 3 2 53
    2010 19 12 5 165
    2011 19 7 4 126
    2012 19 10 2 129
    2013 14 2 0 36
    1968-2013 11.9 6.2 2.4 96.7
    As you should be able to see the number of storms of all severities in the decade 2001-2010 is much higher than that of the average 1968-2013
    The hurricanes DID make landfall but not where most of the people are white
    There has also been a corresponding increase in storms in the much larger Pacific Ocean but again this would be of little personal concern to you, but more meaningful to non whites

    • John says:

      Sorry Teach I should have labeled that one also
      It is ACE or accumulated cyclonic energy
      As you can see the most recent decade also has the highest total cyclonic energy, wsy up over the average
      This table was from‘d/tcfaq/E11.html
      I tried to find data in people killed each year by hurricanes ( including non white) but was unable

  3. Jeffery says:


    I don’t think you understand. We need to keep atmospheric CO2 as low as possible. There’s nothing magic about 400, 417, 503 etc. All it means is that the mean global surface temperature will be ever higher.

    No one predicted that the day after reaching 400 ppm was doomsday.

  4. jl says:

    John- the alarmists said hurricanes would become more severe, though of course even if they did that would offer no proof on why they did (didn’t). “The first column is named storms, the second is hurricanes and the third is major hurricanes.” Then why are there 4 columns?

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    I don’t think you understand. We need to keep atmospheric CO2 as low as possible. There’s nothing magic about 400, 417, 503 etc. All it means is that the mean global surface temperature will be ever higher.

    Or not.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Or not…

    Over at WUWT, they’re predicting a coming ice age, predicting that the 60 yr cycle is kicking in and the Earth will start cooling this year, or next, or the year after, and certainly no later than the year after that. This is based on crude computer modeling.

    The Sun is in a cool phase now so we should expect to see cooling any day, right?

    Or is the mean global surface temperature just random and magical?

  7. Phil Taylor says:

    >No one predicted that the day after reaching 400 ppm was doomsday.
    Actually they did! They also made the same prediction about 360ppm.

    I realize this is just an arbitrary number. A number that is politically created. Not created by scientists.
    However, others do not. They were told repeatedly back in the 1990’s that if C02 reached 400ppm that 50 percent of all species would die. Snow would be a thing of the past. Manhattan and most of Florida would vanish. When C02 was 220ppm, no one thought that we would reach 400ppm this quick. Therefore, these predictions were made never expecting that we would reach them in our lifetime.

    In an earlier blog I predicted that when we did, they would move the goal post again. CNN’s John D. Sutter did just that. He is the first I have seen that claims that the real doomsday number is 450ppm.That is what we need to have in order to reach 2c increase. Notice also that they do not tell you the actual temperature that we must reach such as 16c. Only that we need to prevent going more than 2c over the 20th century adverage.
    By not telling you the actual temperature, they can spin the spin even longer if people think the world is still warming faster than it is.

    • John says:

      Do you think the planet is warming during. This cold sun period that we are in?

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