Salon Totally Tells Us How To School Climate Deniers

We’re like, so burned, ya know, per Salon’s Lindsay Abrams

Here’s how you school climate deniers: The anti-science movement’s biggest fallacies, debunked

If you want to defeat climate deniers, the first thing you need to know, without a shadow of a doubt, is that global warming is, in fact, happening.

I already know that — I’d like to think we all do, deep down — but there are people who continue to insist that the data is wrong. That’s why, after a week spent learning why climate deniers insist that human activity isn’t responsible for the rise in global temperatures, the second week of online class at Denial101x was dedicated to understanding how we know what we know: that temperatures are increasing, sea level is rising and glaciers are melting.

And yes, those basic facts remain true even when it’s snowing outside.

OK, you’re welcome to read the rest, but, let’s debunk a Warmist fallacy: Skeptics aren’t saying that there hasn’t been any warming, nor that there won’t be more during the Modern Warm Period. What we are saying is that Mankind is not mostly/solely responsible for the warming, particularly as it applies to the entire globe. If CO2 was the primary driver, then we would have continued to see a rising global temperature in accord with all the models, instead of 95% of the models being wrong. We wouldn’t hear about the oceans eating the warming. There wouldn’t be 66+ excuses.

Oh, and if there was such a concern, Warmists would actually take measures in their own lives to reduce their own carbon footprints, even going carbon neutral or negative, instead of demanding that Other People be forced to Do Something at the barrel of Government rules, regs, and laws.

BTW, these people seriously take 2 week classes as written in the excerpt? Good grief. 1st World Problems.

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  1. john says:

    I thought you claim warming stopped 18 years ago?

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