“One Simple Thing You Can Do Today to Stop Global Climate Change”

Who guesses “give up using fossil fuels”? Bzzzzt. Wrong. From the minds of Ken Berlin at Ecowatch and Al Gore’s Climate (un)Reality Project

One Simple Thing You Can Do Today to Stop Global Climate Change


It is critical that we hold our leaders of all political parties and at all levels accountable for taking action to combat the largest threat the world has ever faced. We have the solutions to solve the climate crisis and the international community is beginning to take action—now it is a question of mobilizing individuals, organizations and leaders here in the U.S. to take urgent action.

The good news is that community leaders across the U.S. are already taking up the cause and implementing solutions. At The Climate Reality Project, we seek to find those individuals and equip them with the knowledge, tools and drive to communicate effectively and activate their communities on what can be done to solve the climate crisis.

It is for this reason that we’re bringing our highly effective international Climate Reality Leadership Corps program back to the U.S.—our 28th training will take place May 5-7 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

So, nothing about giving up meat, fossil fuels, buying local, hand washing clothes, 2 minute showers, etc. and so on, you know the drill. No, instead, they want you to register to learn to spread awareness, taking fossil fueled travel to one of three places, the aforementioned Cedar Rapids, as well as Toronto and Miami.

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One Response to ““One Simple Thing You Can Do Today to Stop Global Climate Change””

  1. JGlanton says:

    This isn’t about practical methods to reduce everyday personal environmental impact.

    This is about making a call to the proletariat to find and train more community organizers because the revolution must be led by a vanguard of ‘professional revolutionaries’. (see Ulyanov, Vlad)

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