If All You See…

…is a place that is a hive of Bad Food which causes climate change, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Don Surber, who notes that some Warmists are going anti-vaccine.

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10 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. john says:

    the anti vaxxers seem to be only slighlty right of center but many more nationally known politicians are from the GOP
    This goes along with anti science anti BIG GOVERNMENT

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    AGW and anti-vaccine have the same roots. They are based on anti-westernism which claims that technology, America and western culture is evil.
    It is a back to basic movment that has dominated left wing politics for 30 years.
    Technology is the reason for the West’s success and therefore nature is the path back to utopia… and the cave.
    What others would call the dark ages

  3. JGlanton says:

    All I see is a racist corporate sport complex that had 18% African americans in the 1980’s that now only has 7%. This racist workforce genocide has to be stopped. White dominated corporate ownership of baseball teams has forgotten the civil rights of the black man. #BlackPitchersMatter #BlackMenStealBasesNotSwisherSweets #HandsUpFoulBall

  4. Jeffery says:

    Don Surber exclaimed:

    But hey, it is also ridiculous to claim that a 25 percent increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is causing temperatures to spiral out of control — and look how many fools fall for it.

    Has poor Don found another job yet? Surber got fired by the Charleston Daily Mail for a racist rant. The Charleston Daily Mail, folks. Now he’s an expert on climate science? I don’t think so.

    (400-280)/280 x 100% = 43%, not 25%. Don can’t even keep his lies straight.

    nature is the path back to utopia… and the cave.

    Phil, your transition to no longer discussing science makes me think you were trying to pull a fast one on us.

    J Glans,

    #WhiteSupremacistsMatter #HandsUpDon’tTypeYouIgnorantBigot

  5. Hank_M says:

    “Surber got fired by the Charleston Daily Mail for a racist rant.”

    Wrong. He referred to Michael Brown as an animal. That got him fired.

    Color or not, when a person, high on drugs, mugs a shopkeeper, steals from him, walks in the middle of the road to show how tough they are and then attacks a police officer, many might call that person an animal.

    The yahoo dictionary notes one definition of an animal as a person who behaves in a brutish manner.

    That describes Browns behavior that day.

  6. Deserttrek says:

    if global warming makes them grow, then i’m all for it

  7. Phil Taylor says:

    LOL! In fact AGW is an off shoot of anti-westernism. Americans call it Multiculturalism which may be misleading.
    Anti-westernism which started in the 1980’s states that all cultures are equal. Different but equal. The problem with this is that one culture has invented virtually everything in the last 500 years. That culture is western culture. While they are putting man on the moon, pygmies are still living in caves. Soon this became apparent so the ideology evolved too “all cultures are equal accept western culture.” because western culture’s success is because it exploits other cultures. Not because of the real reason which is Democracy, Capitalism, Technology and Innovation.

    Then the off shoot of this became that success was at the expense of others. In business if you are successful, it is because you exploit your supplier, your employees, or your customers. Therefore, Nike, Walmart, etc are evil. Even though their competitors do business in exactly the same way, they are the most successful in their field, so they get the flack.

    Old school socialists liked materialism, they just thought they were not getting their fair share. They promised society that they would deliver it to them. By the 1990’s even though they did contribute through minimum wage and unions, the majority of the goods were delivered to society by Capitalism. How did they do it! …through technology! Therefore, technology became evil. New school socialists response to this was that materialism became evil as well. We need to abandon our excessive greedy ways and live more in harmony with nature.

    Now the new off shoot of anti-westernism is that not only do we exploit other cultures, we also exploit the earth. Therefore, we must compensate other cultures for exploiting them and taking their share of the earth’s resources.

    AGW is proof that we have been exploiting the earth and therefore proof that we must atone and compensate.
    However if you look at those cultures not exploited by western culture such as East Germany, Cuba or Russia, or the those provinces in China outside of Shanghai, you notice they fair much worse than those countries being exploited, like Tawain, Japan, and Shanghai. Also if you look at China, Russia and East Germany their level of pollution is much greater.

  8. Jeffery says:


    Do you think all the climate scientists on Earth are motivated by political ideology? I’ve encountered hundreds of scientists in my life, including Nobel laureates, and have seen only one driven by political ideology (a conservative Roman Catholic, anti-contraception physician working hard to “prove” the rhythm method of birth control was as effective as other forms). But to be fair, I have never met a so-called global-warming skeptic scientist or a creation scientist. In addition, I never encounter scientists who discuss political stances in regards to their work. Never. It’s a very apolitical business.

    That’s not to say that all you read in the scientific literature is true. It’s clearly not. Scientists can design experiments to support their hypotheses rather than to test them. Scientists can interpret their data in such a way as to support their hypotheses. After all, scientists are people, just a bit smarter and nobler. But, in the long run, thousands and thousands of studies pointing in the same direction along with a reasonable scientific theory are persuasive.

    I understand your attempt to tie global warming to the international communists. It’s like assuming all conservatism originates from racism.

    1. The Earth is warming.
    2. It’s because of human generated CO2.
    3. It will get worse.
    4. It will have a negative impact on human civilization.

    1 and 2 are certainly true. 3 is almost certainly true. 4 is almost certainly true. Only 4 has an ideological component – related to what signifies a negative impact and to whom. Because conservatives a) hate progressives b) feel attacked by elites c) or don’t like the options to stop global warming, deny all 4 points. None of it related to the science. You should own your position and support it with evidence. But it IS so much easier just deny.

  9. Jeffery says:

    Hank m,

    He referred to Michael Brown as an animal.

    It was a bit more nuanced than that, wasn’t it.

    He referred to a policeman shooting an unarmed 18 year old Black kid, who had stole some cigars and was walking in the middle of the street “who unfortunately had to put this animal down”.

    Would you consider the cop Slager, who shot Mr. Scott in the back several times in N. Charleston SC, “an animal who needs to be put down.” He’s certainly more dangerous than Michael Brown.

    Would you agree that former office Slager is an animal who needs to be put down? If not, why not?

  10. Phil Taylor says:

    >Do you think all the climate scientists on Earth are motivated by political ideology?
    No I do not. But there are a lot of non-scientists speaking on their behalf that are.
    This is a red flag for me.

    > I’ve encountered hundreds of scientists in my life, including Nobel laureates, and have seen only one driven by political ideology
    I am so pleased to here that. The reason I keep asking you to name three AGW Pro Climatologists was to make you think about how few are taking a public stand on this very important issue and how the rest are letting others speak on their behalf, or that there are fewer of them out there than are being touted by the media

    This topic has been hijacked by international socialists, non communists and encouraged by smpathetic domestic ones.

    If not, then this would still be considered a theory competing with other theories as to what causes the earth warming or cooling.
    Everyone would be ok with that. However, there is strong lobbing to impliment solutions to a theory that still is a theory.
    Comments like “It’s been decided” and “The science is not settled” shows the hijacking of science by politics.

    I heard on this forum a term “Lukewarmer” I think that is what I am.
    Therefore my answers to your points:
    1 yes overall but slightly.
    2. not likely
    3. not likely
    4. more likely a positive one if true.
    5 Do what the early 1980’s AGW promoters recommended. Adapt as required. Not have a revolution.

    On a personal note I appreciate the tone on your email this time around. Have a good weekend.

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