Team Obama Asks Judge To Lift Order That Stops Them From Breaking The Law For A Bunch Of Lawbreakers

If only Team Obama would fight against ISIS and for a vibrant US economy as hard as they fight for illegal aliens, who take jobs away from Americans, commit crimes (ranging from theft, rape, murder, vehicular homicide, assault, property crimes, identity theft, etc), lower the working wage, and soak up our tax money via social services, all while demanding that America bow down and Give Them Stuff

(Fox News) The U.S. government asked a federal judge Monday to lift a temporary hold on President Obama’s executive action to protect millions of immigrants from deportation, Fox News has confirmed.

Justice Department lawyers requested a “stay” to delay a federal judge’s decision to block Obama’s immigration order, which legally allows 5 million immigrants to stay in the country.

DOJ lawyers filed the motion for a stay with the court of US District Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, Texas. Last week Hanen issued a preliminary injunction for 26 states suing the US government to stop Obama’s executive action on immigration.

The states, led by Texas, have argued Obama’s action is unconstitutional and would force increased state investment in law enforcement, health care and education.

Have you ever seen this before, where an administration asks a judge who put a temporary hold on a program as being illegal to allow the illegal program which benefits law breakers to continue till the suit goes to trial? “Say, your honor, would it be OK if I continue parking illegally in a fire zone while I keep an eye on my meth production facility?”

Hanen will surely tell Team Obama “nay”, at which point they can attempt to ask the 5th Circuit for permission to continue their illegal program for illegals, which will also surely say “negative”. Along the way, they’ll surely decide that they’ll go ahead and implement parts of the shamnesty plan anyhow. They don’t have a great track record in following orders from judges.

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One Response to “Team Obama Asks Judge To Lift Order That Stops Them From Breaking The Law For A Bunch Of Lawbreakers”

  1. Blick says:

    Obama IS fighting hard for the transformation of the USA. He does not fight for the USA. Obama hates the USA, white people, Christians, and Jews.

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