NY Times: Illegal Aliens Like Super Fearful After Judge Upholds Law

This comes on the heals of a similar hand wringing article from the AP, both of which seem super concerned about a certain brand of law breakers

(NY Times) For Tomás Péndola, an immigrant from Argentina, it was a normal week teaching chemistry in a public high school here, filling a whiteboard with dense equations and coaxing his students to decipher them.

For Yeni Benítez, a Mexican immigrant in Wisconsin, this week was when “everything just fell apart.”

Mr. Péndola, who came here with his family when he was 10 and grew up in Florida without immigration papers, has protection from deportation and a work permit under President Obama’s program for unauthorized immigrants, known as Dreamers, who came to the United States as children. Ms. Benítez had been ready on Wednesday to join an expanded version of the program, which was announced by the president in November.

Interestingly. It’s not just low level jobs illegals are taking from Americans, but good paying ones. And, even more interestingly, ones that are paid by the legal tax paying citizens, which should have also been subjected to a background check including immigration status, per federal law.

“I’m back to this sense of insecurity, of being afraid every day, every hour, every minute,” said Ms. Benítez, who has a college degree in engineering but is working in a factory. “It really is taking a toll on me.”

That feeling tends to happen when one is in violation of the law.

Mr. Péndola and Ms. Benítez now stand on two sides of a sharp divide created by disagreements over how far a president can change immigration policy by executive action.

How about “virtually no change”? That’s the job of the Legislative Branch, per that pesky Constitution, and if the President doesn’t like it, isn’t getti nc b what he wants, too bad. TS.

Of course, we all know that the minute a Republican wins the White House, liberals will suddenly have a problem with any Exec orders, especially ones that illegally usurp Congresses job.

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