Citigroup To Waste $100 Billion On “Climate Change”

No, I did not make a mistake and substitute a b for an m

(UK Guardian) Citigroup, the third largest US financial institution, on Wednesday said it will invest a whopping $100bn over the next decade to reduce the impacts of climate change. The bank said it will use the money the finance green initiatives and sustainable growth.

The global financial corporation’s CEO Michael Corbat made the announcement at a breakfast gathering of stakeholders, employees and partner organizations in New York.

The money will be used to finance large renewable-energy projects, for example, to aid greener affordable housing and to finance municipal infrastructure to reduce water waste and more, says Valerie Smith, director of corporate sustainability at Citigroup.

It will also be used to help Citigroup reduce the environmental impacts of its global operations and supply chain, and to help its clients address environmental risks, according to Corbat’s prepared statement.

Warmists, who are primarily Leftists, constantly complain about low wages. They’re out there agitating for a higher minimum wage, preferably $15 an hour. They have all sorts of economic complaints. Think about what $1 billion a year could do for lower wage employees of Citigroup, rather than pissing it away of Hotcoldwetdry measures. Consider what all the money pissed away by companies and governments for Hotcoldwetdry could do.

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10 Responses to “Citigroup To Waste $100 Billion On “Climate Change””

  1. Hank_M says:

    Consider this extortion paid in advance.
    What Citi doesn’t understand is that no amount will ever be enough for the greens.

  2. John says:

    Teach you really should start sending Citigroup emails and let them know that you manager of 3 retail outlets have become aware if the huge mistake they are making
    As of 2012 Citi had 420 billion in liquid reserves
    Green saves money and their are plenty if profits to be made
    Perhaps you should ask Duke Power to look at ways to save you money on your energy useage

  3. Jeffery says:

    Stupid investors! Wasting all that money. Or maybe they’ve considered something that the average conservablogger hasn’t.

    Anyway, the big financial institutions are good at one thing – making money. I wouldn’t bet against them if I were you. They don’t do these investments to be nice, they do them to make money.

    And where do you think the investments in infrastructure, new construction and upgrades go? Al Gore doesn’t get it – workers do.

    How many minimum wage workers do you think Citibank employs?

    The Deniers are starting to get a little panicky, I’ve noticed. Governments, the military, scientists, foundations, major corporations and a majority of humans take this stuff seriously. Only the Tea Party and their ilk do not.

  4. Dana says:

    I absolutely support the right of a private corporation to invest its money wherever it wishes. I support Jeffrey’s right to buy an electric car and install solar panels and do everything possible to reduce his carbon footprint. I support the right of every private citizen to do whatever he wishes to save the planet.

    I just don’t want y’all making my family and me poorer due to your beliefs.

  5. Jeffery says:


    Should the US government take a hand in defeating ISIS or should we leave it up to private citizens to do as they see fit? I opposed the Iraq invasion and pay a lot of taxes so that war and it’s outcome has made me and my family poorer. Can I get a rebate for the Iraq invasion? It made things worse.

    I opposed the deregulation of the big banks and that made us all a lot poorer. In fact, the wealth that was vaporized from the financial meltdown will end up costing American citizens more than all the global warming remediation combined. That’s how bad the crashing housing bubble was.

    If you don’t want to be involved in America, you can always leave, or maybe declare yourself a sovereign citizen and avoid paying your share that way.

  6. david7134 says:

    The financial meltdown had nothing to do with deregulation. Why can’t you get your facts straight? The financial meltdown was the responsibility of one and only one man, that was Barney Frank. I would go into detail, but you would not believe due to your world order perspective and your overwhelming hate.

  7. Dana says:

    Jeffrey, the United States should, but will not under our testosterone-free President, utterly destroy Da’ish, slaughtering every last one of them; they have, by their actions, forfeited any claim to mercy decent human beings would have.

    But we shouldn’t waste one thin dime on fighting “climate change.” Human beings have adapted to, survived, and thrived in every environment this planet has to offer, from Arctic wastelands to steaming rain forests to bone-dry deserts, and we will survive any changes our climate winds up undergoing.

    The “solutions” from the warmists are simply attacks on prosperity and capitalism. What y’all would do is to take more money out of the pockets of working class Americans, making people poorer, and gaining us nothing.

    Did you have to pay more in taxes due to the war in Iraq? I wouldn’t have thought so, since taxes were cut under President Bush; your taxes were only raised under President Obama, remember?

    I do fault President Bush, however, for spending so much money on domestic programs.

  8. Hank_M says:

    david, exactly right. From an Atlantic article….

    “Congressman Frank, of course, blamed the financial crisis on the failure adequately to regulate the banks. In this, he is following the traditional Washington practice of blaming others for his own mistakes. For most of his career, Barney Frank was the principal advocate in Congress for using the government’s authority to force lower underwriting standards in the business of housing finance……

  9. Jeffery says:


    Thank you for being so honest.

    So you do think we should spend $100s of billions (and thousands of lives) chasing around the Middle East to kill the bad guys. We spent $3 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan and made those situations worse. Let’s say the US invades Syrian/Iraq and kills every ISIL fighter. Then what? Occupy that area, and Libya, and Yemen… in fact, should we occupy all nation/areas with a defective or weak government?

    You’re not bother by government wasting money, you just want to spend other peoples money on what you want.


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