Sports Fans Are Going To Totally Have To Deal With Hotcoldwetdry

As are sports, ya know!

Hey Sports Fans: Time to Deal with Climate Change, and it Won’t be Cheap

Just two weeks ago, the year 2014 was dubbed the hottest year on earth since the start of record keeping in 1880. Separate data compilations from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirmed this 2014 record, as reported by Justin Gillis of The New York Times. Now, the Australian Climate Institute finds in a new report – “Sport and Climate Impacts: How much heat can sport handle”? – that more frequent and extreme weather events “threaten the viability of much of Australian sport as it’s currently played, either in the back yard, at local grounds, or in professional tournaments [- with football, cricket, tennis and more] “struggling to adapt to, or prepare for, the impacts of climate change.”

Doom! But, at least we haven’t gotten to the time where we cut out hearts and burn witches in order to control the weather (how’d that work out, BTW?)

Admittedly, it did not cross my mind when I recently watched professional tennis players playing at the Australian Open 2015 that extreme heat policies, which may lead to a temporary suspension of play if certain heat exposure thresholds are crossed, intended to protect the health of both athletes and spectators may soon not be enough to keep the tournament going. In 2014, the Australian Open saw play suspended after a succession of professional tennis players suffered from dizziness, cramp and fatigue in the 44 degrees Celsius (111 degrees Fahrenheit) heat. This is already bad enough but it actually could get worse if scientists’ predictions turn out to be only vaguely accurate:

“If”. So far scientists are 95% wrong, per their computer models. As well as all their other predictions of doom.

Host cities and organizers will be forced to cancel, postpone or perhaps even move outdoor sporting events to alternate locations or shift them to different seasons of the year. This could be a big deal for the sports (entertainment) industry. Sport is embedded in Australian society – central to culture and economy. It is not different in American society with both professional and ‘amateur’ sports deeply rooted in American popular culture. The popularity of all kinds of sports is sky-high – including fan interest and support. At the same time, the impacts of climate change on sport are far-reaching. Extreme heat in particular can affect the health of athletes and spectators.

Super doom!

Ya know, it would be easy to continue excerpting and getting snarky, but, I reckon that the photo that accompanies the article right at the top says it all about the nutty “climate change” religion and how doomed we are from a tiny rise in temperatures

That ain’t powdered sugar.

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5 Responses to “Sports Fans Are Going To Totally Have To Deal With Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. john says:

    Teach I am unsure of exactly who you mean when you say “we” aren’t burning witches anymore over bad weather.
    Well actually that is one of the 2 main reasons that witches ARE still burned by christians in Africa.Those

  2. john says:

    the second most common reqason given for witch killings is traffic accidents. These fundamentalist African christians know that witches DO cause traffic accidents

  3. john says:

    95% of the climate models are wrong ? you mean they predicted that it was going to get colder and instead it got hot?

  4. john says:

    Teach this is the 5th warmest winter in USA history over 2000 het high records were broken posting snow pics makes you look like you are in another reality look at USA tosay to learn more instead of Brietbart

  5. Jeffery says:

    the photo that accompanies the article right at the top says it all about the nutty “climate change” religion

    Really? Do you really think a picture of snow falsifies the theory that fossil-fuel derived CO2 is fueling global warming? You can’t be that dumb. But do you believe your loyal readers are that dumb?

    So far scientists are 95% wrong, per their computer models.

    Do you have evidence to support this outrageous claim other than Roy Spencer’s flawed and debunked analysis?

    from a tiny rise in temperatures

    There is nothing “tiny” about the current warming period. And there is no expectation that it will stop or reverse any time soon. A 1 degree centigrade change in average surface temperature is large, not tiny.

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