UNC Considers Banning App That Exposes Delicate Snowflakes To Mean Comments

Hmm, a very Left learning university full of Left leaning students is having a problem with “hate speech” on a smartphone app, so, hey, let’s consider blocking the app

(WRAL) The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is considering banning a smartphone app that some say encourages hate speech, but other schools say free speech among students needs to be promoted.

Yik Yak allows users post anonymously to a local bulletin board, and those posts can be seen only by people in a certain geographic area.

“People have been saying some very racist, very hurtful things,” said Ashley Winkfield, a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill who has kept a running tab of “yaks” that she finds troubling.

During the height of the “Black Lives Matter” protests on campus last fall, for example, one person posted, “I really hate blacks, I’m going home where there aren’t any.”

Another poster said, “the way blacks are acting right now kind of justify a slavery.”

Winkfield said the anonymous posts scare her and are making her increasingly distrustful.

Here’s an idea, which these same Leftists always throw out when someone complains about a TV program: turn it off. Don’t look at it. Delete the app. Or, how about, since these snowflakes are supposedly adults, fight back. Engage in conversation. Attempt to change minds.

“These are people we are going to class with, people who we see every day, and they might have some type of ill will toward us,” she said.

Strange, these people writing mean things and going to UNC tend to lean towards the Political Left.

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Winston Crisp said UNC-Chapel Hill officials are examining options for dealing with Yik Yak.

“I think it adds little to no value to our community and creates more problems for our students than it will ever be worth,” Crisp said in a statement. “We want Carolina to be a place where people feel comfortable talking about race and other issues, and we are working hard to create opportunities for them to do that in a constructive and respectful way.”

In other words, they’re afraid of Free Speech, and want to shelter the snowflakes from having to deal with mean people (which often simply means people who have different views) like they’re 4 years old. The Real World isn’t always so nice. Even a small blogger like myself gets plenty of “hateful” comments and emails. I also get them on Twitter. I often delete them (email and blog comments). Or fight back. Or ignore them. Because no Internet jerk can do more than tick me off for a few seconds. They aren’t going to scare me personally, ruin my day, cause me to get an ulcer, or any of the other freakouts that seem common amongst the Left.

The way a “banning” would work would be for UNC to block the app through the campus WiFi, as was done at Utica College in New York and Norwich University in Vermont. The non-delicate snowflakes would still be able to access it via their mobile network.

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all” Noam Chomsky

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