Global Warming Created Snow Is Like Totally Bad For Animals

Because animals never had to deal with winter before

Winter Storms Impact Connecticut Wildlife In Different Ways by Gregory B. Hladky

Bitter cold and heavy snowfall of the kind we’ve been experiencing lately is usually just an inconvenience for people. For Connecticut’s wildlife, these violent winter storms can be life or death events.

Deep snow can make finding food tough for animals and birds. Sustained frigid temperatures are often even more dangerous, according to state wildlife biologists. And most scientists agree that climate change is likely to bring us more volatile weather patterns, including frequent and harsher winter storms, creating new challenges for our wildlife.

Pretty much the rest of the article ignores the notion of Hotcoldwetdry, but, one has to wonder how these same birds and animals survived during the Little Ice Age, much less the last glacial age. As for the notion of heat creating “frequent and harsher winter storms”, these people are just nuts.

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8 Responses to “Global Warming Created Snow Is Like Totally Bad For Animals”

  1. Jeffery says:

    As for the notion of heat creating “frequent and harsher winter storms”, these people are just nuts.

    You’re not a dumb man, so we have to assume you are being deliberately dishonest, and deliberately insulting to your readers.

    I know you haven’t thought about it, but why can’t global warming cause “frequent and harsher and winter storms”?

    Global warming is typically represented a mean global surface temperature. This doesn’t mean that all cold weather is gone! The reality is that shifts in major weather shaping phenomena, e.g., atmospheric jet streams, polar vortices, major and sustained ocean currents respond to an increase in the mean global surface temperature. So, an overall increase in arctic temperature of a couple of degrees can dictate how and when the major blasts of arctic cold reach the US or Europe.

    So-called skeptics complain that climate realists switched from calling it global warming to calling it global climate change (they didn’t). But who could blame them if they had? The so-called skeptics keep saying you have to be nuts to think global warming can also cause some areas to cool, which makes sense if you don’t think about it.

  2. John says:

    Teach many did not survive with the same populations that we see now
    There are probably. 50 times as many deer in CT now as there were in 1600
    Man’s destruction of a climax forest and creation of open spaces resulted in a big change in the enviormemt

  3. Casey says:

    John, you’re so wrong it’s funny. Deer populations east of the Appalachians have in fact been increasing for a while now, to the point where predators such as cougars are returning to the region.

    Jeffy, you’ve become so dishonestly opportunist it’s funny. First, warmists were screaming weather isn’t climate when folks started pointing out winters in some areas have been getting colder, in contradiction to CAGW predictions that winter would disappear in many regions. Now you’re claiming that -instead of warmer winters- we will get colder winters, even though that’s not what CAGW proponents were saying a few years ago. Second, instead of mindlessly repeating what you’ve read somewhere else, explain how CAGW makes the jet stream move around, and all that other BS you mention. You can’t because you don’t really understand what’s going on.

    And please take “climate change” and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s a cop-out because normal people started noticing there was no statistically significant increase in global temperature, and you needed a new slogan.

    Warmer? Climate change! Colder? Climate change! More rain? Climate change! Drought? Climate change!

    Yes, the climate has been changing the past several million years, which begs the question on what’s happening today. Every near-term prediction made by CAGW proponents has been falsified, new evidence of data tampering has been showing up regularly, and all you have left are predictions so far in the future they’re pointless.

    I don’t have a problem with serious discussion of what’s going on around the globe, but all you dilberts to is scream the sky is falling, and calling everyone who thinks maybe those UFOs look like weather balloons “deniers.”

  4. Jl says:

    Climate change is “likely” to cause more severe storms. An, yes-the big cop-out using the word likely. Either it does or it doesn’t. What’s “severe” mean? But to carry the warmunists logic to its end, it would have to go like this: If a severe storm (whatever that is) is evidence of AGW, then a non-severe storm would be evidence of….. no AGW. Can’t have it both ways. By their own “logic” they fall on their swords.

  5. david7134 says:

    What I have found with John and Jeff is that they significantly compliment the blog that Teach has. They are so wrong that you know that Teach has given us well founded research and opinion. Instead of contradicting opinion, their efforts reinforce conservative opinion. It is also enlightening to see the bigotry and prejudice and out right hate that emanates from liberals and how they can not understand simple concepts. So, we should continue to encourage their efforts.

  6. Jeffery says:


    I don’t argue here to persuade brain-dead ideologues like you.

  7. Jeffery says:


    The Earth is warming from the CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere. Understand those two facts and you can begin to understand global warming.

    You claim the data are faked, but offer no proof, no proof of new evidence of data tampering.

    Your claim about “climate change” is as bogus as your other claims.

    IPCC stands for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
    See those last two words – Climate Change? They’ve always been in the title.

    So when did this supposed switch from Global Warming to Climate Change supposedly occur?

  8. The Earth is warming from the CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere. Understand those two facts and you can begin to understand global warming.

    You claim the data are faked, but offer no proof, no proof of new evidence of data tampering

    Strange, you offered no proof, Jeff. If CO2 was the main or sole cause, we should be seeing temperatures rise to match the computer models. Yet, we arent.

    And, if CO2 was so bad, we’d also see Warmists practice what they preach.

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